b'Signage and LabelsMRIn Quick zone identi\x1ecationMRI Zone Signage offers visible safeguards 8"W x 12"L1-mm PVCDouble-sided high-tack tapeand fail-safe boundaries to help protect patients, MR-safehealthcare professionals, and others who#927462MRI ZONES 1-4 KIT$126.50 kitoccasionally enter the magnetic \x1feld of MR#927458ZONE 1 SIGN$40.00 eascanners (such as housekeeping or security#927459ZONE 2 SIGN$40.00 eapersonnel). Signs comply with OSHA standards #927460 ZONE 3 SIGN$40.00 ean Oversized 17"-diameter \x1foor sticker for safety.#927461 ZONE 4 SIGN$40.00 eaMRI Floor StickersPressure-sensitive vinyl,California residents, see left page.SIGNAGE AND LABELSlaminated with 4-mil anti-skid tread. Aggressive adhesion. Great for long-term \x1eoor-marking use.17" diameterMR-safe#935491ZONE IV$93.00 ea#935490DANGER$98.88 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. EnJOisK\x17\x05: [ \x1b\x05/ 6panisK\x17\x05: [ \x1b\x05/n Available in Spanish or English EnJOisK6panisK \x14\x15\x05: [ \x14\x1b\x05/\x14\x15\x05: [ \x14\x1b\x05/ DANGER Wall Signs1-mm PVC wall signs. Also available in a re\x1eective version to n Final reminder of magnet increase visibility in low light.MRI Floor Mat Carpet Warning Signs 4"W x 8"L WALL SIGN12"W x 18"L WALL SIGNfeatures Danger! This Magnet Is Always On.#935494ENGLISH$40.00 ea #921127ENGLISH$42.23 eaBlack type on white and red background.#935495SPANISH$38.75 ea #921129SPANISH$45.06 ea3\'W x 5\'LMR-safe California residents, see left page. #937908REFLECTIVE, ENGLISH$87.62 ea#936874$283.25 ea #937909REFLECTIVE, SPANISH$87.62 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966n Red and green stickers for quick identi\x1ecation of equipmentMRI Safe and Caution StickersLabel your MRI- AliMed.com 800.225.2610compatible and non-compatible equipment. Self-adhesive label n Label individual items packs contain a mix of three sizes; ASTM Adhesive LabelsSemi-permanentsee chart below. adhesive with split back for easy application. EachSmall: 3"W x 1"LMedium: 7"W x pack contains three small and three medium1"LLarge: 4"W x 6"LMR-safelabels of each ASTM symbol (18/pk). Small: 1"Medium: 3"MR-safeITEM #STICKER DESCRIPTIONQTY/PKSMLPRICE#935492$42.25 pk #921221GREEN MRI SAFE12633$41.16 pk California residents, see left page. #921222GREEN MRI SAFE251276$39.14 pk#921223RED MRI CAUTION12633$29.87 pk#921224RED MRI CAUTION251276$39.14 pk#921225GREEN SAFE/RED CAUTION COMBO241266$44.29 pk#921226GREEN SAFE/RED CAUTION COMBO50241412$76.99 pkCalifornia residents, see left page.205'