b'Vial SafetyResuscitationHands-free vial holderno punctured \x1fngers!ANESTHESIA\x16Staff safety Hands-free vial holder keeps nurses\' hands outof the needle danger zone.\x16Patient protection Vial labels are clearly visible at all times,ensuring patients receive the right medication Helps reduce medicationand the expiration date has not passed.errors and needle sticks! \x16 Time managementEf\x1fcient multi-vial storage eliminates the need for extra staff to retrieve more vials or hold them when \x1flling syringes.ACCU-DRAW Hands-free access to VIAL SAFETYRESUSCITATIONmultiple vials at once keeps nurses\' hands Allows one-hand out of the "needle danger zone," avoiding withdrawal from vial punctured \x1fngers. Durable plastic holder holds two single-dose and three multi-dose vials at the perfect angle for complete emptying, reducing medication waste. Use IV Pole Clamp for any O.R. post or Mayo Clamp for use on trays. Ideal for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and IV nurses. #931900MAYO CLAMP$156.00 eaMayo Clamp #931901MAYO CLAMP, 5/cs$696.94 cs#931537IV POLE CLAMP$179.00 eaIV Pole Clamp #931538IV POLE CLAMP, 5/cs$827.14 csCalifornia residents, see left page. MRI model availablep. 194Resuscitation DevicesnOne-way valveCPR Face MasksGreater surface n Curved-prong design monitors CO 2 for maximum airGreater surface for FAX800.437.2966seal and patientmaximum air sealCO 2Cannulas offer oxygen while monitoringcomfort. Transparent dome for visual con\x1frmation.n Antistaticend-tidal CO 2 . Curved-prong design. Patient canStandard 22 mm supply and 6 mm oxygen ports speak, eat, and drink. Clear observation. FITS- are compatible with most support equipment. O 2 Face Mask Head HarnessesAntistatic/ ALL oxygen connector. 22 mm ID adapter. 10\'compatible. Disposable one-way valve preventsconductive synthetic rubber. Not made with kink-resistant tubing with female luer universalexhaled air, vomitus, and other bodily \x1euids fromnatural rubber latex. Nonsterile. connector. 25/cs. reaching you. Travel case included. Adult size.AliMed.com 800.225.2610#924281CHILD$28.00 ea#934295 $162.75 cs #96-635$18.25 ea #924282ADULT$29.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Scents promote relaxationn Low resistance, no leakageMaskumm ScentedSingle-Patient-Use Ambu-Bags/Manual Anesthesia MaskResuscitatorsMeet or exceed BS, ISO, and Sprays make inductionASTM speci\x1fcations. Patient valve features low-more pleasant for patientsvalve resistance with no measurable leak forward or with Bubble Gum scent.backward. Low inspiratory resistance. Disposable.0.6-oz. bottle. Patient connection: 22 mm O.D./15 mm I.D.Max. dead space: 6 mlPEEP connector: 30 mmMR-conditional to 3TeslaAdult: Resuscitator volume: 1,475 mlStroke #922715$22.75 ea volume: One hand, 600 ml; Two hands, 1,000 mlRange#932764ADULT, 6/cs$192.75 csCalifornia residents, see left page. of application: 66+ lbs.Pediatric: Resuscitator volume: 635 mlStroke volume: 450 mlRange of application:#932765PEDIATRIC, 6/cs$241.25 cs0-66 lbs. California residents, see left page.133'