b'Column and Floor ScalesnTouchless height rod n Economically priced n Easy readingDIAGNOSTICSicon Eye-Level Digital ClinicalProfessional 500KL Heavy-Duty Column Scales with Sonar Height RodDigital PhysicianScalesLarge 1"H LCD provide instant weight, height, andScales offer value,display swivels 350, allowing BMI readouts simultaneously. Sonardurability, and EMRfor viewing from either side touchless height rod and all-in-oneconnectivity via USB.of scale. Uses easy-to-scroll display allow patients to simply stepProvides optimummethod to measure BMI. on ultra-thin 1"H platform andfunctionality with a built- Integrated wheels for mobility. get results with optimum speed,in height rod and BMIEMR connectivity via USB. accuracy, and hygiene. Automaticallycalculation. Low, sturdyChoose Eye-Level or Waist-locks on readout for sevenplatform. Everlock functionHeight. KG Only options seconds to easily view and recordallows user to permanently lockavailable, see p. 237. data. Smartphone-style indicatorscale in either KG or LBS. toOverall: 14"W x 23"Dhas simple buttons, multi-colorimprove safety. KG Only option Platform: 14"W x 2 58 "H xtouchscreen LCD display, and quickavailable at AliMed.com.14"DFunctions: lbs./kg access to settings. 3 4 3 8 conversion and lock out, hold/Platform: 13"W x 2"H x 16"DOverall: 17"W x 89"H x 18"DAdjustable height rod: 30"-84 14 "H release, zero, tare, BMI, SCALES Platform size: 17"W x 1"H x 17"D1"H LCD displayFunctions: auto-zero, auto-off100- Adjustable height rod: 24"-86" xlbs./kg conversion and lock240V adapter included, 6 C 14 "D/60-218 cm xcm 78 "H LCDout, hold/release, zero- batteries (not included)displayUSB-B portFunctions:out/tare, pre-tare, BMI, 2 wheels600-lb./272-kg power, zero, lock/release, ID, cyclerecall, reweigh, auto- capacity in 0.2-lb./0.1-kgEye-Leveldisplay mode, menu,zero, auto-off, parent/childShown withincrements2-year warrantyprintBattery powerTouch-free heightfunction6 AA batteries included,optional Eye-Level: 54"HAdjustable indicator12 AAmeasurement with120V adapter (available by specialHandrails,height rod: 24"-84"24 lbs.batteries (not included)sonar technology order)2 wheels550-lb./250-kgavailable by Waist-Height: 44"H20 lbs. Waist-Height Non-medical gradecapacity in 0.2-lb./0.1-kg increments special orderstandard AC adapter (included)Dual-range capacity: 21 lbs.2-year warranty #933034EYE-LEVEL SCALE$776.67 ea 600-lb./300-kg capacity in 0.2-lb./0.1-kg increments;#933035WAIST-HEIGHT SCALE$797.99 ea#936722$516.80 ea1,000-lb./500-kg capacity in 0.5-lb./0.2-kg increments Additional shipping charges may apply. #930549AC ADAPTER$73.13 ea 22 lbs.Made in the USA2-year warranty California residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply.#930648$1,424.23 ea California residents, see left page.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. NEW! KG Only models from Health o meterat AliMed.comFloor ScalesHeavy-duty and precise0oEiOe flat sFaOewith remote displayFAX800.437.2966Economical yet robustAliMed.com 800.225.2610n Robust mechanical nSeparate displayn Flat scale for nEMR connectivity\x1foor scale with adjustablemobile use and remote displayseca 750 Mechanical Floortilt angle seca 876 Digital Flat ScalesHeavy-Duty DigitalScales are optimal for individualseca 869 Heavy-Duty Flatw/Tap-on Function canFloor ScalesIndicator with patient use. The precise, classicScales with cable remote displaywithstand loads up to 550 lbs.1"H LCD display can be wall-design has a large, clear, andconnect to weighing base withThe stable platform offers a tap- mounted or placed on table. well-de\x1fned dial with a low-level6\'L cable. Functions include BMIon function for weighing withoutEMR connectivity via USB.nonslip platform and scratch- for nutritional conditions, HOLDturning on the scale. KG Only option available at AliMed.com.resistant \x1fnish. to keep measurements displayed,Overall: 12 34 "W x 2 14 "H x 14"D Platform: 14 14 "W x 2 58 "H x 1414 "DFunctions: 12"W x 4 34 "H x 18 78 "D320-lb./150- and TARE for weighing small Platform: 11 14 "W x 2 12 "H x 13 78 "D lbs./kg conversion and lock out, hold/release, kg capacity in 1-lb./1-kg increments children when held by an adult.4 AA batteries (included)50-lb./250- zero, tare, BMI, auto-zero, auto-off, parent/ 7.7 lbs.2-year warrantyWhite 12"W x 2"H x 14"D550-lb./250-kgkg capacity in 0.2-lb./100-g increments child function100-240V adapter included, #931756$155.75 ea capacity in 0.2-lb./100-g increments9.3 lbs.2-year warranty 6 C batteries (not included)600-lb./272-kg2-year warranty #931796$724.86 ea capacity in 0.2-lb./0.1-kg increments14 lbs.Specify LBS. Only or LBS./KG. 2-year warrantyCalifornia residents, see left page. #931763$503.41 ea Additional shipping charges may apply.#933039 $711.47 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. 233'