b'Step StoolsCLINICAL FURNISHINGSEconomical and durableas low as Extra-Strong FootstoolsChrome-plated frame with rubber tips. Nonslip, Footstool$ 48. ea textured matting. Steel foot plate.Two Steps17with Handrail 11 14 "W x 14 14 "L x 9"H8 lbs.350-lb. capacityFootstools with Handrail include chrome- One Stepplated steel handrail. 35"HInstalls easily12 lbs.350-lb. capacity n Stainless steel strengthStainless Steel Step Stools with anti-tip, #9-771FOOTSTOOL$57.25 ea offset, round legs. Rubber mat cemented to foot #9-7702/cs$96.34 cs ($48.17 ea) platform helps prevent slipping.#9-123w/HANDRAIL$171.28 eaAll-welded steel #927154REPLACEMENT TIPS, 4/pk$43.84 pkSTEP STOOLS Footstool Additional shipping charges may apply. ITEM #STEPSWLHPRICE California residents, see below. #930787ONE10"14"8"$395.75 ea#930788ONE12"18"8"$403.75 ea#930789ONE12"30"8"$451.75 ea#930791TWO18"25"16"$726.19 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. UP TO BariatricCalifornia residents, see below.with Handrail n Up to 600-lb. capacityFootstools feature a black powder-coated steel handrail for stability. Installs easily on stool. Bariatric model (available with or without Handrail) is made with stronger steel and crossbar, offering 600-lb. capacity. 11"W x 14"LStandard: Base, 9"HHandrail: 35" from top of rail to floor300-lb. capacityBariatric:Cushioned surfaceStandard withBase, 9"HHandrail: 34" from top of rail to floorHandrail600-lb. capacity#9-123STANDARD w/HANDRAIL$171.28 ea n Cushioned step prevents fatigue#927757BARIATRIC w/o HANDRAIL$168.75 ea#927758BARIATRIC w/HANDRAIL$212.09 ea Soft Steps help prevent fatigue and leg #927154REPLACEMENT TIPS, 4/pk$43.84 pk strain common with standing on ordinary step Bariatric Additional shipping charges may apply.stools.58 "-thick high-density, closed-cell foam stool California residents, see below. top offers relief from foot, leg, and back disorders aggravated by standing on hard surfaces. Nonskid FAX800.437.2966 vinyl surface is water-resistant and offers superiorshock absorption.11 14 "W x 14 14 "L x 9 58 "HNonskid rubber feet350-lb. nAnti-tip wide base capacityChrome-plated Bariatric XL Safe Step FootstoolsAll- #931193SOFT STEP$87.25 eaWithout Handrail aluminum welded construct ion with powder-coat#927154REPLACEMENT TIPS, 4/pk$43.84 pk800.225.2610AliMed.com silver-tone \x1fnish. Anti-tip wide base with angledCalifornia residents, see below.rubber leg tips. Anti-slip extra-large platform. Model without handrail is MR-safe. Platform: 15"W x 19"L x 8"HBase: 20"W x 25"L 1,000-lb. capacityWithout Handrail: 6.51 lbs. MR-safeWith Handrail: 36"H10.5 lbs.#711505w/o HANDRAIL$200.53 eaWith Handrail #711504w/HANDRAIL$344.57 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see below.n Economical, for larger patientsReduce muscle aches with Bariatric Footstools1"-diameter steel tubing with easy-to-maintain silver vein \x1fnish. Nonskid Anti-Fatigue Stool Mats ribbed rubber platform. p. 368 14"W x 18 12 "L x 9"HLimited lifetime warranty 500-lb. capacityCalifornia Proposition 65 Statement #72125$93.25 eaWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 298 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov. California residents, see at left.'