b'Bean Bag PositionersVacuum suction conforms small, POSITIONERSloosely packed beads to the patients body for safe, stable positioningSUP LATBean Bag Positioners use vacuum suction to sculpt a solid foundational support. Unseal the vacuum valve to let air in, and the beads move freely again. Lightweight and easy to position. AliMeds urethane material works together with the beads for the right \x1eexibility, precise shaping, and maximum conformity. Stain-resistant, easy to clean, and nonporous. Available in two styles: Universal Bean Bags can be used in a variety of ways for quick BEAN BAG POSITIONERSand easy positioning. Bean Bags with Cutout offer a space for extremities to lie in a more natural position. Select styles available with gel for protectionVacPac against shear. Not made with natural rubber latex. Covers Use Universal Bean BagsAvailable with gel top for pp. 28, 37 between knees for lateral additional shear protectionUse under kneesor under arms for supine UNIVERSAL BEAN BAGBEAN BAG WITH CUTOUT 10"W x 20"L 30"W x 40"L 36"W x 40"L#935231SMALL $217.00 ea #935233LARGE $396.75 ea #935234X-LARGEBEST SELLER!$444.00 ea 20"W x 20"L#925785LARGE w/GEL$1,167.25 ea #927766X-LARGE w/GEL$1,192.48 ea#935232MEDIUM$266.25 ea30"W x 76"L46"W x 46"LCalifornia residents, see left page. #937565FULL LENGTH$711.50 ea #935235BARIATRIC $512.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #925786BARIATRIC w/GEL$1,450.11 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Bead-Filled Body PositionersSUP LAT PROFAX800.437.2966ComPly PositionersAn economical alternative to gel or foam positioners, these lightweight chest rolls are made of an EPS bead \x1flling speci\x1fcally designed to conform to the contours of the patient\'s anatomy. Securely holds6"H pair shown %ead OOinJ Fonforms to tKe Fontours of tKe patients anatom\\ the patient while redistributing pressure over a AliMed.com 800.225.2610larger surface area. Place on either side of theThe proof is in the pressurechest during prone positioning to expand the90abdomen to assist patient ventilation. Easy to81 ComPly vs. Geltransport for fewer staff injuries. Fluid-resistant72cover for easy cleaning. Available in 4"H or 6"H63 Peak PressureChest Rolls. Sold in pairs.54 126 vs. 192 mmHg 4"H6"H 45LENGTHITEM#PRICEITEM#PRICE 36 Average Pressure12"#939294$106.50 pr#939297$241.25 pr 27 21 vs. 29 mmHg16"#939295$139.50 pr#939298$323.50 pr 18 ComPly Chest Roll Traditional Gel Chest Roll20"#939296$174.75 pr#939299$408.00 pr 9 ComPly Chest Rolls show significantly lowerCalifornia residents, see left page. 0 anatomical pressure than traditional gel chest rolls.mmHg Test subject: Male, 6\'0", 270 lbs.Position Guide: SUP Supine LAT Lateral PRO Prone LIT Lithotomy FOW Fowlers TRE Trendelenburg REV Reverse Trendelenburg61'