b'Cassette Holders IMAGING ACCESSORIES24"\x16\x13\x05-\x17\x19\x05+ 7Zo-6tep 3Oatform E[tra-:ideCASSETTE HOLDERS7Zo-6tep 3Oatform 7Kree-6tep 3Oatformn Versatile for wide range of lower extremity positioningStep Positioning Platforms are combination 450-lb. capacityThree-Step Model: Top platform: step and platform-positioning devices for weight- 19 12 "W x 17"D, 24" overall height.450-lb. capacitybearing X-rays of knees, ankles, feet, and theExtra-Wide Two-Step Model: Top platform: 30"W x lower leg (lateral-medial, medial-lateral, or anterior- 17"D, 16" overall height.500-lb. capacity posterior). Three-image panel placement optionsCR/FILM PLATFORMSon two-step or three-step platforms allow versatile#924905TWO-STEP$3,647.44 ea n Mobility with stability patient positioning and yield ef\x1fcient and accurate#937574EXTRA-WIDE TWO-STEP $4,560.84 eaimages. Extra-Wide Two-Step platforms offer#937573THREE-STEP$5,071.67 eaMobile Cassette Holders for holding cassettes,up to 500-lb. capacity. Digital-Speci\x1fc models grids, and CR plates (8" x 10" to 14" x 17") duringsupport Canon, GE, Siemens, and Toshiba DR DIGITAL TWO-STEP PLATFORMSmobile procedures. Both models allow vertical,systems. Safety grab bars add stability; built-in#937575FOR CANON CXDI-50 AND 60 MODELS horizontal, and angular adjustments, as well as leftrollers add portability. Accommodates young, old, $3,754.35 eaand right tilt. or bariatric patients. Use with \x1flm, CR, and DR#937576FOR CANON CXDI, CARESTREAM DRX-1,Height adjusts 30"-46"Three-leg baseSwivel-lockingsystems, bucky or \x1fxed cassettes.FUJI D-EVO, AND KONICA AERO wheelsPutty enamel finishMetal construction58 lbs. Handle: 51"HSecond step is 15 12 " from floorThree- $3,733.49 eastep model raises platform to 24"HEasy to clean, germ- #937578FOR SIEMENS YSIO, GE XR 650, #9-131$1,278.41 ea resistant, nonporous polyethylene platformSide railAMX 700, AND FLASH PAD$3,754.35 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. available by special orderBeigeTwo-Step and DigitalAll platforms ship freight. Price includes shipping.California residents, see left page. Models: Top Platform: 19 12 "W x 17"D, 15 12 " overall heightCalifornia residents, see left page.Cleaner, clearer imagesFAX800.437.2966InvisiCoat Positioners award-winning E[tra duraEOecurved-edge design reduces artifacts and stain-resistant\x17 Seamless and \x1euid-proof \x17Antimicrobial ionic silver coatingAliMed.com 800.225.2610for complete infection control for easy cleaningn Upright positioningPolyurethane Weight-Bearing Cassette Holders facilitate long itudinal arch and lateral projection studies. High-density polyurethane for maximum support. Extremely durable and easy to clean. U-shaped slot holds cassette. Cassette not included. See the InvisiCoat advantage, pp. 48, 49 12"W x 18"L x 2"H #920339$57.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. 175'