b'Specialty CartsMEDICAL CARTSn Ideal for natural disasters and critical needs 3"4-Drawer Rapid Response CartIdeal for3"Splintingnatural disasters and critical health concerns, suppliesproviding a secure mobile cart to meet immediate6"notdemands for storage. 24" of vertical drawer space included with full-extension, ball-bearing slides. Includes key lock with two keys, aluminum side rail/push handle, and stabilizing bumper frame with12"3" extended front casters and four corner bumpers. 3" Pre-drilled threaded holes for side-mounted 3" accessories. Unibody steel construction with 3" hard-baked powder-coat \x1fnish. Ships with wheels 3" installed and ready to use. Shown in 3" 29"W x 34"H x 22"DKey lockDrawer configuration:SandSPECIALTY CARTS6" (2) 3", (1) 6", (1) 12"5" quiet-rolling full-swivel casters (2 directional, 2 braking)12-year warranty6" #960794SAND$1,700.00 ea#960795YELLOW$1,700.00 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. Shown in California residents, see left page. Yellown Store and organizecasting supplies8-Drawer Cast Cart Shown withoutDesigned to store andTop Storage Unitorganize all the materials needed by professionals in charge of casting. 30" of vertical drawer space3"with full-extension, ball- 3" 3"bearing drawer slides.3" 3"Protective wraparound3"bumper stabilizes cart6" 3"when drawers are opened. Steel construction. Equipped with accessories that make casting6" 6"easier, including scissors cable, swivel tourniquet/pump pole, aluminum towel bar, stainless steel9" 12"folding shelf, side storage cabinet, bucket holder with vinyl mat, and 24" ruler mounted on top of cart. Available with Top Storage with plexiglass FAX800.437.2966top for 3M and BSN splinting supplies.44"W x 43"H (66"H w/Top Storage) x 21"DDrawer configuration: (1) 3" with black vinyl mat, (5) 3" with 4nStore and organize nScope cabinet includedadjustable dividers per drawer, (2) 6" with 4 adjustableblood drawing supplies Dif\x1fcult Airway CartSide-mounted scope dividers per drawer5" ball-bearing, full-swivel casters (1 directional, 1 braking)12-year warranty 6-Drawer Mini Line Phlebotomy Cart cabinet is steel with clear key-locking plexiglass Designed to store and organize blood drawingdoor (includes 2 keys) and holds 4 scopes. 30"w/TOP STORAGEsupplies. Key lock system with two keys forof vertical drawer space with full-extension,AliMed.com 800.225.2610#938710NON-LOCKING$5,114.50 ea security. 30" of vertical drawer space with full- ball-bearing drawer slides. Stabilizing pontoon #938711KEY LOCK$5,759.00 ea extension, ball-bearing drawer slides. Protectivebumper. Pre-threaded accessory mounting holes.w/o TOP STORAGE bumper stabilizes cart when drawers are opened.Unibody steel construction with hard-baked #938712KEY LOCK$5,319.69 ea Pre-threaded accessory mounting holes. powder-coat \x1fnish and removable plastic top. Unibody steel construction with hard-bakedIncludes aluminum oxygen tank holder for D/E Specify color. See chart below.powder-coat \x1fnish and removable plastic top.cylinders, two aluminum side rails/push handles, Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. Equipped with accessories that make bloodand adjustable painted steel overhead shelf with drawing easier, including 2-tier raised back railaccessory bar.Harloff colors system, extended push handle, single glove box40"W x 58 38 "H x 25"DFull height of adjustable shelf: Beige Burgundy Light Blue holder, aluminum waste container with lid, and62 58 "5" full-swivel, ball-bearing casters (1 directional,two 6-bin tilt bin organizers. 1 braking)12-year warranty Red Teal Yellow 27"W x 58"H x 21"D40"H to work surface #935918$3,085.55 ea 5" premium plate casters12-year warranty Specify color. See chart at left. Navy Light Grey Hammer Blue #938780$2,022.92 ea Additional shipping charges may apply. Specify color. See chart at left.California residents, see left page.Hammer Grey Hammer Green Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.279'