b'GridsIMAGING ACCESSORIESChoosing theGRID103 LINES PER INCHRight Grid and SIZERATIOITEM #PRICEGrid Adapter 11" x 13"6:1#935786$222.00 ea (10" x 12" 8:1#935787$235.00 ea Because image quality can be greatlyFILM SIZE)10:1#935788$277.25 ea affected by the choice of grid, choosing 12:1#935789$307.50 eathe correct speci\x1fcations is very important.24 x 30 cm6:1#935790$222.00 ea The following information is needed when8:1#935791$235.00 ea choosing a grid/grid encasement: Size,10:1#935792$277.25 ea Ratio, Line Count, and Focal Distance.12:1#935793$307.50 ea15" x 18"6:1#935798$377.75 ea Size: AliMed offers \x1fve sizes of grids. In(14" x 17" 8:1#935799$408.00 ea addition, grids from 5" x 7" up to 15" x 51" inFILM SIZE)10:1#935800$449.25 ea multiple shapes and con\x1fgurations can be6eaOed aJainst dust and moisture 1 7 12:1#935801$473.50 easpecial-ordered. 17 4 " x 18 8 "6:1#935802$414.00 ea Ratio: The relationship of the height of the(BUCKY)8:1#935803$503.50 ea lead strip to the distance between the leadn Enhance image quality, reduce scatter 10:1#935804$521.50 ea GRIDSstrips. The higher the ratio, the more effectiveGrids for CR-panels and X-ray cassettes offer12:1#935805$569.00 eathe grid (note that higher ratios require higherimage quality enhancement by reducing scatter.18" x 18"6:1#935794$414.00 ea (17" x 17"8:1#935795$503.50 ea exposure rates). AliMed offers four ratios: 6:1,Solid construction of lead strips and aluminumFILM SIZE)10:1#935796$521.50 ea 8:1, 10:1, and 12:1.interspaces with smooth, enameled aluminum12:1#935797$569.00 eaLine Count: The number of X-ray-absorbingcovers. The grids are sealed against dirt andSpecify Focal Distance: Short (26"-32"), Medium (34"-strips per inch, measured as Lines Per Inchmoisture. Available in multiple line counts, ratios,44"), or Long (48"-72"). Grids are non-returnable. (LPI). 103 LPI is best for analog, 178 is best forsizes, and focal distances. California residents, see below.CR, while 200 is best for DRAliMed offersLead stripsAluminum interspacesSmooth, enameled these LPIs standard, and 215 and 230 LPI arealuminum coversavailable by special order. Focal Distance: Depending on the type ofGRIDX-ray exam, different focal distances are178 LINES PER INCH200 LINES PER INCHrequired. Focal distance is the perpendicularSIZERATIOITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICEdistance between the grid and its convergent11" x 13"6:1#935826$432.00 ea point/line. Three focal distances are available:(10" x 12" 8:1#935827$490.25 ea Short (26"-32"), Medium (34"-44"), and LongFILM SIZE)10:1#935828$530.50 ea#935848$631.25 ea(40"-72"). 12:1#935829$586.75 ea#935849$697.25 eaWhat are Grid Adapters? 24 x 30 cm6:1#935830$432.00 ea 8:1#935831$474.57 ea Grid adapters, also called grid encasements,10:1#935832$530.50 ea#935852$631.25 ea protect valuable X-ray grids and allow for12:1#935833$586.75 ea#935853$697.25 eaconvenient handling and operation. In addition15" x 18"6:1#935838$721.50 ea to protecting X-ray grids, grid adapters convert(14" x 17" 8:1#935839$795.63 ea cassettes into grid cassettes. FILM SIZE)10:1#935840$860.50 ea#935860$1,026.00 ea 12:1#935841$905.50 ea#935861$1,079.25 eaHave a grid and need an171 4 " x 187 8 "6:1#935842$791.75 ea FAX800.437.2966 encasement?(BUCKY)8:1#935843$962.75 ea 10:1#935844$944.50 ea#935864$1,294.25 ea Call us to \x1fnd out about retro\x1ftting. We can12:1#935845$1,089.25 ea#935865$1,398.75 eaarrange to encase your current grid with either18" x 18"6:1#935834$791.75 ea encasement shown on p. 181. (17" x 17"8:1#935835$962.75 ea Call 800.225.2610 x103. FILM SIZE)10:1#935836$944.50 ea#935856$1,294.25 ea 12:1#935837$1,089.25 ea#935857$1,398.75 ea800.225.2610AliMed.com Please note: Grids and grid encasements are notSpecify Focal Distance: Short (26"-32"), Medium (34"-44"), or Long (48"-72").returnable. Cassettes are not included with any ofGrids are non-returnable. our products, but can be special-ordered. California residents, see below.Made to Order GridsAdditional sizes and shapes available by special order!Grid StorageSee opposite page Call 800.225.2610 x103California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 176 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'