b'Multi-Function and Chair ScalesDIAGNOSTICSOversized model folds and latches for easy transport and storagenWeigh standing, sitting, or in a wheelchair n Folds and locks for storage, transport n Weigh patients anywhereDigital Wheelchair Ramp Scales1"H LCD seca 684 Multifunctional Scales allow aseca 676 Wheelchair Scales w/Handraildisplay with 180 swivel for ease of viewing. EMR patient to be safely weighed while standing, seated,and transport casters weigh patients sitting in aconnectivity via USB. 10" Ramp. Wheels for ease SCALESor in a wheelchair. No conversion required. EMR- wheelchair or on a chair. Foldable to save space.of movement. Everlock function allows user to validatedwirelessly transmits data directly to yourLocking device ensures that it stands safely whenpermanently lock scale in either KG or LBS. to EMR system, PC, or Vital Signs Monitor (p. 228). folded together. Transport casters included. EMR- improve safety. KG Only options available,Overall: 36"W x 42"H x 43 78 "DPlatform: 31"W x 2 14 "Hvalidatedwirelessly transmits data directly to yoursee p. 237.x 33 18 "DFunctions: tare, pre-tare, hold, BMI, lbs./kgEMR system, PC, or Vital Signs Monitor (p. 228). Functions: lbs./kg conversion and lock out, hold/release, switch-over, damping, send/print, transport castersACOverall: 36 14 "W x 45 14 "H x 44"DPlatform: 31"W x 2 15 "Hzero, tare, pre-tare, BMI, recall, reweigh, auto-zero, UL adapter included800-lb./360-kg capacity in 0.1-lb./50-gx 38"DFunctions: tare, pre-tare, hold, BMI, lbs./kg switch- auto-off, time/date, variable auto off time, audible/mute increments131.2 lbs.2-year warrantyover, send/print, transport casters800-lb./kg capacity insound option100-240V adapter included, 6 D batteries #933022$5,645.17 ea 0.1-lb./50-g increments76 lbs.2-year warranty (not included)1,000-lb./454-kg capacity in 0.2-lb./0.1-kg increments2-year warrantyStandard: Platform, 29 38 "W Additional shipping charges may apply. #936100$3,638.25 ea x 2 38 "H x 28 14 "D; Ramp, 28 14 "W x 10"D; 2 wheels121 California residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply. lbs.Oversized: Platform, 36"W x 2 12 "H x 36 14 "D; Ramp, California residents, see left page. 32 14 "W x 9 78 "D; 4 wheels, stores folded92 lbs.#72884WHEELCHAIR SCALE$3,650.14 ea #933037OVERSIZED FOLDINGWHEELCHAIR SCALE$3,568.69 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page.Easy-to-read LCD display on back of chair EMR-Ready ScalesAccurate reporting of patient data in electronic medical records is critical for healthcare providers. AliMed\'s full line of EMR-Ready Patient Scales with USB or wireless connectivity options easily integrate with your existing EMR system to quickly and securely transmit measurements, eliminating hazardous cables, reducing transcription errors, and increasing ef\x1fciency. Look for this icon to \x1end all ourFAX800.437.2966EMR-Ready and EMR-Validated Scales.n Locking rear wheels for patient safety AliMed.com 800.225.2610seca 954 Chair Scales offer patients care and comfort with a contoured seat for safe positioning. Swiveling armrests and adjustable footrests make the chair more user-friendly, and locking rear wheels ensure patient safety while sitting or standing up. EMR-validatedwirelessly transmits data directly to your EMR system, PC, or Vital Signs Monitor (p. 228).22 316 "W x 35 516 "H x 38"DFunctions: tare, pre-tare, hold, BMI, lbs./kg switch-over, damping, auto switch-off, send/printPower adapter/rechargeable batteries660-lb./300-kg capacity in 0.1 lb./50-g increments54 lbs.2-year warranty seca 374 seca 644 Professional 500KL #931762$1,802.50 ea Baby ScaleHandrail ScaleDigital Physician Scale Additional shipping charges may apply. p. 236 p. 234 p. 233California residents, see left page. Shop all EMR-Ready Scales at AliMed.com/emr-ready-scales235'