b'Mammography Accessories IMAGING ACCESSORIESPost-Op SupportBESTSELLER!Patented technology for uniform compressionLavenderDrain Pouch shown with Blue Breast Binder, sold separately at rightMAMMOGRAPHY ACCESSORIESnSupport and compression followingnStylish and femininebreast procedures compression binderExpand-A-BandBreast Binders help Compression Brasdecrease bruising,provide optimal supportswelling, and hematoma and compression followingfollowing invasive chest n Safer than clipping to a bandage breast procedures, breastprocedures. Easy to apply Expand-A-Band Drain PouchesDevelopedbiopsy, or radiationand comfortable to wear. to hold drains and tubes to keep them from pullingtherapy. The aesthetically pleasing bra helpsCotton liner. Includes during post-op recovery from procedures suchdecrease bruising and swelling. Features frontremovable and adjustable shoulder straps. Not as breast, bariatric, and abdominal. Drains canhook-and-loop closure for easy donning or removal.made with natural rubber latex.clip with an adjustable strap over the shoulder orIncludes two pockets to hold cold/hot packs orMachine-washable Dri-Release materialnursing pads and two removable soft prostheses. around the waist based on comfort or needaNot made with natural rubber latex. Sizing: Measure chest circumference. Petite \x1ets 28"-32"; safer alternative than clipping to bandages. EachS, 32"-34"; M, 34"-36"; L, 36"-40"; XL, 40"-45"; XXL, pouch is enclosed with a plastic shower bag.Sizing: Measure chest circumference. Order based on45"-50"; 3XL, 50"-54".Mesh version available in White. Not made withcompression needs: for more compression, order smaller#938634BINDER$33.00 eanatural rubber latex. sizes; for less compression/looser \x1et, order larger sizes.#93301512/pk$364.62 pk ($30.39 ea)Petite \x1ets 28"-32"; S, 32"-34"; M, 34"-36"; L, 36"-40"; XL, #938241*DRAIN POUCH, SOLID$9.75 ea40"-45"; XXL, 45"-50"; 3XL, 50"-54". Specify size and color: Lavender, Black, Beige, Blue, #938242DRAIN POUCH, WHITE MESH$9.75 ea#938240$50.21 eaPink, White, Floral Lavender, or Floral Blue.*Specify Pink, Blue, or Lavender.Specify size and color: Black, Beige, Light Blue, California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. or White. California residents, see left page. Patent #6,309,369B4Quality Control Specimen ImagingFAX800.437.2966nFaster, easier handling ofn Simulatebreast biopsy specimenstumors GRID-VIEW Specimen Containers keepAliMed.com 800.225.2610Mammographicsurgical breast and multiple core biopsy specimens Accreditationin a closed container with \x1fxed orientation for Phantoms0eets 046$ef\x1fcient imaging, transporting, and identifying Approximates a 4.2 cmrequirements of biopsies. Sealable plastic container contains (1 58 ") compressed breast of average glandular/ a radio-opaque alpha/numeric grid for accurate adipose composition. Wax insert has aluminumorientation. Specimen is compressed onto grid, oxide specks to simulate microcalci\x1fcations. Sixkeeping it stationary for transport. Clamshell design different sizes of nylon \x1fbers and \x1fve differentcompresses larger specimens for improved image sizes of lens-shaped masses simulate tumors.contrast and contains specimen \x1euids. Available in 10.15 cm (4") W x 10.8 cm (4.3") L x 4.4 cm (1.7") DMadethree grid patterns: Style A, B, or C.12/bx.of a 7 mm-thick wax block insert containing 16 sets of testOverall: 6"W x 6"HInternal grid pattern:objects3.4 cm (1.3") thick acrylic base3 mm (0.1")-thick4"W x 4"LcoverIncludes 4 mm acrylic contrast target, magnifier,#921394$285.83 bxFaxitron image of wax insert, and user guideAcrylic Specify Style A, B, or C. #921215$1,540.62 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. Patent #5,383,472 6t\\Oe $ 6t\\Oe % 6t\\Oe &181'