b'RADIATION PROTECTIONOverLight as a feather,40%lighter thanstrong as lead standard leadAvailable inover 400colors and AliMedFeatherLiteprints!Lead-Free Aprons!RADIATION PROTECTION APRONS10% lighter than our leadingUltralight Lead-Free ApronAll the protection of standard lead but over 40% lighterThe most comfort and freedom of movement of any apron weightHow did we do it? Innovative technology gives FeatherLite Lead-Free Aprons a 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent level of protective antimony with less embedded plasticfor the protection you need at the lightest weight available. (Only available for Perfect Fit Aprons.)Four apron weights, same level of protection NEW! 0.35 mmFAX800.437.2966Full 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent front protection Pb-equivalent protection by special order!Weight * Protective Material Procedure Length DisposalAliMed.com 800.225.2610RequirementsNew! FeatherLite Lead Free ** 6.5 lbs 100% antimony Long42% lighter Environmentally friendlyno special Best Seller! Ultralight Lead Free7.2 lbs 100% antimony Long disposal36% lighterLightweight Lead8.8 lbs Lead-based alloy Short to medium22% lighter Requires special Standard Lead *** 11.3 lbs 100% lead Shortdisposal or Economical! recycling*Weight based on a Medium Front Protection Apron.**Only available for Perfect Fit Aprons.***Available at AliMed.com/rp-aprons.SHOPAPRONS 135'