b'Safe Patient HandlingA safer way to transfer patientsThe PPS Glide Single Patient Use Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer SystemsSimilar to an air hockey table, the innovative air-assisted technology of the PPS Glide reduces friction by circulating low-pressure, high-volume air through hundreds of micro-perforations. This creates a cushion of air to help smoothly, comfortably, and safely lift and glide patientsof any size up to 1,200 lbs.from surface to surface, drastically reducing overall pull force and the risk of staff injuries compared to traditional transfer devices. With only two caregivers needed, the PPS Glide requires fewer staff to assist while helping alleviate patient anxiety. Can be used for multiple transfers during a single patient stay and is disposable to reduce cross-contamination. Includes safety strap and pull handles. Available in three sizes. Pump sold separately, below. Optional Storage Cart available at AliMed.com. Pump sold Glide: MR-safePump: MR-unsafe1-year warranty separately THE PPS GLIDE SINGLE PATIENT USE#960926REGULAR, 34"W x 78"L, 10/cs$899.99 cs Drastically reduces pull force #960927LARGE, 39"W x 78"L, 10/cs$899.99 cs for fewer injuries!#960928BARIATRIC, 50"W x 78"L, 5/cs$474.99 cs ACCESSORIES Watch the video to learn more! #960929120V PUMP$599.99 ea AliMed.com/glide-spu-videoCalifornia residents, see left page.COMING SOON!The PPS LiftSafely lift patientswho have fallenn Compact size ideal for pediatric patients Pressure-relief valveAnti-Stat Half Patient Shifters slide easily onto a bed orControl stretcher pad. Compactin\x1fation height half size is ideal for smaller, pediatric patients.from a single, Slippery coating protects patient from sticking toself-sealing shifter and shields against static buildup. Thin,in\x1fation pointwarp-resistant, smooth polyethylene board has built-in handles. Semirigid board bridges uneven gaps. More sizes on p. 213.23"W x 45"L x 3 16 " thick7 lbs.Clean with Pump compatible withthe PPS Lift and PPS Glide, Visit AliMed.com/air-assisted hospital-approved disinfectantWhite above for details#938289$214.22 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.ORDER NOW!AliMed.com 800.225.2610 421'