b'Lateral PositioningSURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESThe stability of a pegboard, the cleanability of a component positionerLateral PositionersCreate a perfect, secure \x1ftadjust the post to the optimal position on the patient, offering an alternative to the hassle and uncertainty of pegboard designs. Force is distributed over a larger surface area, helping to reduce pressure. Secure to the table for patient stability during lateral positioning procedures. The anterior post can sit directly at the table edge so the surgeon doesnt need to lean over the patient. Easy to cleanno messy+eiJKt-pegboard holes to contend with, and posts areadMustaEOeremovable and wipeable. Height-adjustable to accommodate various support surface thicknesses. LATERAL POSITIONINGUse with patients of any size. Round post, compatible with a Clark Socket (three required, sold separately below). Lateral Positioners are sold as a set or available individually.Pegs: 9"H x 2" diam.Adjustable plate: 11"L x 2"WPosts: 10"HSet includes 1 anterior and 2 posterior lateral positioners (as\\ to adMXst\x04#938180LATERAL POSITIONER SET$1,260.25 set#938178POSTERIOR LATERAL POSITIONER$530.75 ea#938179ANTERIOR LATERAL POSITIONER$530.75 ea#937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS SLIDE-ON$241.25 ea EasiO\\ sOide post in\x12out or pivot Oeft\x12riJKtCalifornia residents, see left page. onFe positioned\x0f post remains seFuren Secure lockingLateral Braces with Locking Heads offer secure positioning for procedures requiring optimum lateral stability. Adjustable braces accommodate any size patient. DuraSoft pads for cushioning of bony prominences. Swivel heads conform to anatomical contours and securely lock. Round post, compatible with a Clark Socket(two required, sold separately below).Rectangular pads: 3 12 "W x 8 12 "L x 2 12 " thickFAX800.437.2966 Round pads: 4" diam. x 2 12 " thick#930744LATERAL BRACES, 3/set$1,989.96 set#936702RECTANGULAR LATERAL BRACE$648.17 ea#930885ROUND LATERAL BRACE$652.46 ea#937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS SLIDE-ON$241.25 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.AliMed.com 800.225.2610California residents, see left page.AliLite Gel Lateral PositionersPermit a safe, quick, and easy transition from supine to lateral. Designed to provide exceptional comfort and nerve protection. Built-inn Reduces pressureheadrest and auxiliary support of\x1eoads shoulder and assists in proper spinal alignment and surgicalShoulder SupportsSupport without direct site access. Made of AliLite Gel, a lightweight gelpressure on the brachial plexus, protecting with inner foam core that provides the sameagainst nerve damage. Thick, foam padding pressure-reducing properties as comparable gel- included with \x1eexible cover. Includes two side only products but is up to 50% lighter.rail clamps. 19"W x 28"LTapers 5"-1"H8.45 lbs. #930743$1,723.96 pr#931875$623.00 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. More Lateral Positionersp. 34 101'