b'Body Positioners B.SUP PRO POSITIONERSWedgesTwo positioners in one, 35/55 Double-Angle45 Wedge, LongWedges support the lumbar spine, ribs, and obliques.LAT 35/55 Wedge, LongPlace under the rib cage to twist upper torso. 45 WedgesA.provide the proper angle for cervical and spine imaging, as well as AP oblique pelvis projection, breast ultrasound, paracentesis,35/55 Wedge, Reg.and other lateral, lower body positioning. 15 and 20 Wedges are versatile, easy to handle, and recommended for positioning and imaging the lower torso and pelvis. Available individually or in cost-saving Positioning Sets.Double-Angle, Reg.: 9"W x 14"L x 6"HDouble-Angle, Long: 9"W xC.24"L x 6"H45, Reg.: 7"W x 24"L x 7"H45, Long: 7"W x 30"L x 7"H 45, Large: 10"W x 10"L x 10"H15: 9"W x 10"L x 2"H20: 8"W 15 Wedgex 11"L x 3"HLarge Positioning Set includes one of each Wedge: 15, 20, 45 Reg., 35/55 LongSmall Positioning Set includes one of each: 15 and 20 Wedge, XS Rectangle (see p. 52 for specs) 20 Wedge A.35/55 DOUBLE-ANGLE WEDGE35/55 Wed 45 Wedge, Reg. 15 Wedge PROTECTA-COAT#924954REG.$124.75 ea D. ge, Reg.#924951LONG$180.75 ea B.45 WEDGE #924952REG.BEST SELLER!$186.00 ea#937338LONG $187.75 ea#937340LARGE $242.25 ea C.15 AND 20 WEDGE20 Wedge XS Rectangle#92495315$88.25 ea E.35% * 15 Wedge 20 Wedge#92495520$87.25 ea SaveD.LARGE POSITIONING SETup to#936680$343.50 ea E.SMALL POSITIONING SET with a set#936679$195.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. *Save up to 35% compared to individual purchase price.Perineal Wedges offer patients4"H Female Prone premium comfort and pressure- Positioners relieving support while elevating Unique, anatomically the hips to allow greater access for staffdesigned wedge with5"Hduring pelvic examinations. Unlike otherscalloped shape relieves products on the market, these wedges20"W 20"L pressure and provides feature a \x1frm 3"H Super Constructa FoamSUP comfortable support forPROFAX800.437.2966base and 1"-thick top layer of T-Foam withwomen in prone position.18"W 16"Lperineal cutout to allow pressure to beIdeal for use in pain management,redistributed over a greater surface area,radiation therapy, X-ray, and surgery.without bottoming out.18"W x 16"L x 5"H5 lbs. 20"W x 20"L x 4"H #960731$475.00 ea#937911$555.75 ea California residents, see left page. SUP AliMed.com 800.225.2610California residents, see left page. Relieves pressure in proneIntubation WedgesLarge Rectangles elevateproperly position patientsthe body to of\x1eoad pressure on during intubation, optimizing14"H shoulder when placed under torso. head position to allow theIdeal for \x1euoroscopy and for lateral anesthesiologist easierdecubitus positioning, especially in access to airways. radiology, and in making lumbar 24"W x 27"L x 14"H punctures. Also use for supine and24"L 7 lbs.24"W 27"L prone. #960732$612.59 ea M: 14"W x 24"L x 2"HL: 18"W x 25"L x 4"H 14"W Medium Additional shipping charges may apply.#937336M$194.75 ea shownCalifornia residents, see left page. #937337L$219.00 ea SUP LAT PROCalifornia residents, see left page.MORE PROTECTA-COAT POSITIONERSP. 5251'