b'MR Safety Standards How to determine MR-Safe productsMRI AliMed labels most MRI products according to the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) International Standards for MRI Device Marking. When you see one of the symbols below, you can be sure that an independent organization has conducted the appropriate testing for the label designation. MR-SAFE MR-UNSAFE MR-CONDITIONALis applied to an item thatis any item that is a known threatis for items that have been poses no known hazards inor poses a hazard in alldemonstrated to pose no known MRI SAFETY all MR environments. MR environments.hazards in a speci\x1fed MR environment MR-SAFE items would include non- An example of an MR-UNSAFE itemwith speci\x1fed conditions of use. conducting, nonmagnetic items. Thewould be a pair of ferromagneticConditions that may be used to de\x1fne document further states that an item mayscissors, or any item consisting ofthe speci\x1fed MR environ ment include be determined to be MR-SAFE by offeringferrous metals.\x1feld strength, spatial gradient, RF \x1felds, a scienti\x1fcally based rationale rather thanspeci\x1fc absorpt ion rate (SAR), as well test data. The new MR-SAFE may only beas the potential for additional conditions, applied if the item is 100% safe, withoutsuch as operational conditions for a exception, regardless of MR systemdevice. The MR-CONDITIONAL label is \x1feld strength or any environmental orused to alert users that there are certain extenuating circumstances. Items markedlimitations to the usability of the item with the green MR-SAFE icon may beor the testing that was performed. For taken into, used, or placed anywhereexample, an item may have been tested within any MR environment without riskfor a 1.5Tesla system, but not a 3Tesla. or potential harm. Items bearing the MR-CONDITIONAL icon should include additional information on the label regarding its limitations. What if a product you see in our catalogNo. It may still be designated as MRI-Compatible doesnt have a safety icon? according to older standards. The lack of an icon Does that mean it cant be used for MRI? simply means that the manufacturer has yet to re-test FAX800.437.2966 their products according to the current standards. Table of Contents800.225.2610AliMed.com nSupport Surfacesp. 185 n p. 195 nCustodial and Cleaningp. 202Lightingn p. 186 nIp. 196 nSafety and Signag e p. 204Patient Transportntubation/VentilationnPatient Comfortp. 190 nSeatingp. 198 nPositionerspp. 22, 192 nn nProcedural/PatientClinical Furniturep. 199Strapsp. 2Monitoringp. 194nCartsp. 200 nPatient Handling p. 212 184'