b'LED Exam LightingLIGHTINGShownShownShown withwithwith MobileFlatMobile FloorBase StandStandn Touchless on/off n High and lown Precise, versatile positioning C. Green Series Exam Light IV illumination settings features a single LED that provides A. Nova LED Exam LightsB. Eco-Series LED Exam Lightswhiter, brighter light than halogen forprovide greater color clarity during procedures.feature an eco-friendly, long-life bulb combined withmore true colors. Minimal heat dissipation.High and low illumination settings for speci\x1fcpremium performance for lower cost of ownership.Infection control features include touchlessLED EXAM LIGHTINGprocedures. K-arm uses tension to position,Unique design offers a bright white light that driveson/off and optional disposable sheaths (availableeliminating drift. Knob-free adjustment. High colorclinical ef\x1fciency, stays cool to the touch, andby special order). Flexible light pipe is twice asrendering index (CRI) of 93, where 100 is true color.uses signi\x1fcantly less energy than halogen. Easy- long as conventionalwithout droop or wander. Emits low heat for patient and surgeon comfort.to-maneuver 23"L gooseneck provides precise,4"-10" spot at working distanceBase diameter: 21" Choose from three different mounting options:versatile positioning. Flexible, no drift neck Mobile Stand only: 24"HMobile Stand w/light: Floor, Wall, or Ceiling. has 170 left/right head rotation. Available in Flat60"HWall Mount: 47"HAdditional lighting Base \x1eoor model. Add optional 5-Caster Basespecifications, see chart below Low-level illuminance: 25,000 lux at 18"High-levelreplacement for mobility. #936653TABLE/WALL MOUNT$1,294.45 eailluminance: 50,000 lux at 18"Max. K-arm reach: 45" Maximum height: 66"Base diameter: 13"Cord length:#936654MOBILE STAND ONLY$530.75 ea UL/IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, EN/IEC 60601-2-41, and10\'Head: 6"L x 5" diameter, tri-lobed face880 lumens CAN/CSA certifiedAdditional lighting specifications, Additional shipping charges may apply. see chart below12W bulb includedAdditional lighting specifications,California residents, see left page.see chart below#937829FLOOR STAND$851.37 ea #939270FLOOR MODEL w/FLAT BASE$486.91 ea#937830WALL MOUNT$820.67 ea Shown #937831CEILING MOUNT$894.24 ea #939271REPL. 5-CASTER BASE$82.50 ea with Table/California residents, see left page. Wall MountCalifornia residents, see left page.n Best-in-class intensityMRI Lighting n Highest, brightest illumination E. Super Exam 50 LED Exam Lightsp. 195 D. ri-magic HPLED Exam Lightsoffer best-in-class lighting intensity withFAX800.437.2966are a \x1eexible \x1eoor light with white39,000 lux at 24". Natural white light in a preciselyLED illumination that can becontrolled beam gives added clarity to area being focused for more ef\x1fcientexamined. High color rendering index (CRI) of 99, diagnosis. Rheostat handles forwhere 100 is true color. K-arm is easy to position continuously variable adjustment and virtually eliminates drifting. Low heat emission of light intensity. Long arm bends in all directions.ensures staff and patient comfort.Mobile \x1fberglass base with chrome-plated pole.Max. K-arm reach: 42"CRI of 92UL/IEC 60601-1, IECAliMed.com 800.225.2610230VBase diameter: 21 516 "228 lumensLow-level60601-1-2, EN/IEC 60601-2-41, and CAN/CSA certifiedilluminance: 55,000 lux at 23 58 "High-level illuminance: Universal input voltageAdditional lighting 100,000 lux at 15"5-caster base (2 locking) specifications, see chart below Additional lighting specifications, see chart below #937832MOBILE$1,149.22 ea#939288FLOOR MODEL w/CASTERS$490.28 ea #937833CEILING MOUNT$1,039.01 ea#939289REPL. STAND $238.70 ea #937834TABLE MOUNT$1,039.01 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#937835WALL MOUNT$1,039.01 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. LED EXAM LIGHTS COLORFLOORWALLCEILINGOPERATINGDESCRIPTIONMANUFACTURERLUXTEMP. (K)WARRANTYMODELMOUNTMOUNT LIFEA.NOVAPHILIPS BURTON 50,000 @ 18"4,6005-yr LIMITED40,000 hrsB.ECO-SERIESBREWER20,000 @ 18"4,0001-yr50,000 hrsC.GREEN SERIESWELCH ALLYN20,000 @ 16"5,5005-yr LIMITED50,000 hrs D.RI-MAGICREISTER100,000 @ 153 4 "6,5001-yr50,000 hrsE.SUPER EXAM 50PHILIPS BURTON39,000 @ 24"4,0005-yr LIMITED 40,000 hrs341'