b'Patient LiftsSlingsSAFE PATIENT HANDLINGn Wide lifting range n Lift from \x1foor and BestStand Sit-to-Standover high bedsLiftsFull electric liftBestLift Full-Body ergonomically designed toPatient LiftsFull electric ensure safe and smoothlift ergonomically designed to patient sit-to-stand transfer.reduce and eliminate back Offers a wide lifting rangeinjuries among professional and a compact base for easycaregivers while providing maneuverability. Includes ancomfort and dignity for adjustable knee pad and apatients. Six-point spreader detachable nonslip foot plate.bar for extra patient comfort. For use with standing andPL600 model comes with a toiletry slings. reinforced foot pedal. External base width (closed):PL400/500: External base width 26 78 "Internal leg width(closed): 26 78 "Internal leg (opened): 35 14 "Upright mastwidth (opened): 38"PATIENT LIFTSSLINGSheight: 41 14 "Overall base Upright mast height: 50 58 "Overall base length: 47 58 "Base height: 4 78 "length: 41"Base height: 5"Minimum lifting height with spreader bar: 37"Minimum lifting height with spreader bar: 28"Maximum lifting height withMaximum lifting height with spreader bar: 66"Knee pad depth extension range:spreader bar: 72 18 "PL400: 400-lb. capacity97 lbs.PL500: 500-lb. capacity108 lbs. 2 78 "Knee pad adjustable height: 20"-23"Maximum boom width: 18 18 "118 lbs.SA400: 400-lb. capacitySA500: 500-lb. capacitySA600: 600-lb. capacity PL600: External base width (closed): 26 38 "Internal leg width (opened): 39 1 / 8 " Upright mast height: 51 14 "Overall base length: 47 1 / 4 "Base height: 4 78 "#713845SA400$3,614.00 eaMinimum lifting height with spreader bar: 26 1 / 4 "Maximum lifting height with #713846SA500$4,111.00 ea spreader bar: 68 34 "600-lb. capacity108 lbs.#713847SA600$4,585.00 ea #713842PL400$2,351.00 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#713843PL500$3,294.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #713844PL600$4,239.00 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Single-Patient-Use Slings reduce cross-contaminationn Disposable, economical, sanitarySingle-Patient-Use Slings are disposable and economical, reducing cross-contamination risk and eliminating laundry fees and wait times associated withmore costly reusable slings. Fits most Invacare, Apex,Hoyer, Vancare, and other 4- or 6-hook patient lifts.10/cs. as low as600-lb. maximum capacity (Recommended Wt. Range inchart relates to optimum fit for sling size vs. patient weight) $ 33. ea65FAX800.437.2966 Individually polywrappedREC.A.B.SIZEWT. RANGEITEM#10/CSA.w/HEAD SUPPORTWith WithoutHead Support Head SupportS85-140 lbs#70132$336.50 cs AliMed.com 800.225.2610M140-200 lbs#70133$382.75 csL200-400 lbs#70134$394.75 csBARIATRIC400-600 lbs#710088$435.00 cs B.w/o HEAD SUPPORTM140-200 lbs#70130$343.50 csL200-400 lbs#70131$365.75 cs C. C.COMMODE, FULL-BODY Commode,L150-300 lbs#712961$469.25 cs Full-Body for XXL290-600 lbs#712963$502.25 cs traditional4-hook liftAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.217'