b'STORAGE AND ORGANIZATION LEANING TOWARDS EFFECTIVE,MORE EFFICIENT HEALTHCAREHealthcare facilities today face a number of challenges that affect quality, safety, and both staff and patient satisfaction. Contributing to these are ineffective storage organization and inef\x1fcient work\x1eows. The resultserrors, wasted time, loss, and higher costs. All of this can be avoided, and healthcare providers are starting to recognize this. More often we see facilities adopting Lean Healthcare practices. What does lean mean? SolutionEf\x1fcient StorageLean Healthcare is a philosophy centering on improvingGet the most out of your space! Our selection of Wall-Mounted, productivity and quality and reducing costs by eliminating wasteFreestanding, and Mobile Storage supports easy accessibility of time, money, and supplies. Its a concept that originated inand allows you to store a large amount of supplies while only auto manufacturing as lean production and transformed thetaking up a small footprint. We also offer wire shelving to help STORAGE OVERVIEW auto industry. Noted for its success, the practice has beenminimize dust and the need to clean. Dont let your storage adapted for healthcare with much of the same outcomes andcontain you\x1ft your storage to your space! success. When employed and sustained, these practices canWall Systems, p. 318 also transform your facility. Freestanding Systems, p. 319 Implementing Lean Healthcare Wire Cart Shelving, pp. 320-329solutions in your facilityAliMed recognizes the growing need for standardization of leanWire Louvered Panelpractices within healthcare facilities. In an effort to assist in thiswith Binsprocess, we offer solutions to help stay organized, get the most ef\x1fcient use of available space, and improve inventory control.SolutionInventory ControlSolutionHigh-Density Storage Get it right the \x1frst time with systems that promote proper labeling and easy identi\x1fcation of supplies. Take control of Organization inventory with a system that supports \x1frst-in, \x1frst-out practices. Improved organization results in a number of bene\x1ftseasierBin Label Holders, pp. 315-317identi\x1fcation of low inventory, reduced losses, and increased overall ef\x1fciency by knowing where supplies are when you need themall of which leads to reduced costs and increased productivity. Stackable Bins and Storage Containers are some of the top solutions we offer, many of which are color-coded for FAX800.437.2966 easier inventory management at a glance. Storage and Shelf Bins, pp. 315, 316Oversized Storage Containers, p. 317800.225.2610AliMed.com Bin Dimensions GuideW (width) x H (height) x D (depth)314'