b'Hand TablesSURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESExtreme durability and valueHand Tables made from ultra-durable Rhino Board offer the functionality of carbon \x1fber without the26"W high cost or risk of chipping or cracking.at endSelf-healing properties help prevent bacteria from getting trapped under the surface. "-thickness offers radiolucency equal to less than 1 mm aluminum32"L 32"L 30"L 34"Lequivalency. Select from a range of15"W 15"W 15"W shapes to best meet your surgery needs.15"W at middlePlus, with each AliMed Hand Table order,at middlereceive a FREE Premium Pressure-Management Table Pad with T-Foam technology and FREE Integrated Manual Table Lega $500 value (see below)!Integrated 14" side rail for use with surgical23"W ends HAND TABLES ALIMEDaccessoriesRequires either two Clark Sockets (sold separately, pp. 78, 79), two Universal Clamps (sold separately, p. 81), or one convenient Quick-Snap Table Clamp (soldA. RectangularB.Hourglass C. Minor Procedure D. Major Procedure separately, see below)3-year warranty15"W x 32"L 15"W (23"W ends) x 32"L 15"W x 30"L 15"W (26"W at top) x 34"LFREE T-Foam Pad and Adjustable Table LegBOARD SHAPEWT. (LBS)ITEM #A.RECTANGULAR13#932471With the purchase of an AliMed Hand Tablea $500.00 Value! B.HOURGLASS15#932468Free Pressure- Free Integrated Manual TableC.MINOR PROCEDURE11.5#932470Management TableLeg features an easy-turn handle thatD.MAJOR PROCEDURE15#932469Pad offers top-of-the-lineadjusts height from 21"-38". Center-mount$2,475.25 eaprotection from pressureprovides maximum stability. Folds \x1eat forAdditional shipping charges may apply. points and shear. T-Foameasy storage and locks in place for use.California residents, see left page.conforms to the bodysAngle of leg can adjust to accommodate contours closer than standard Polyfoam, helpingC-Arm while nonslip foot provides steady to reduce peak pressure points and stabilizesupport at any angle.patient more effectively. Bacteriostatic black vinyl cover. Not made with natural rubber latex.1" thick T-Foam padWater-resistant seamsRound posts1o soFNet needed easiO\\ insertFOiFNs on easiO\\into FOamp 4uiFNO\\ OoZers for FAX800.437.2966seated proFeduresEasily adjusts6inJOe-Kanded$ttaFKes to from 27"34"H operation +and-7aEOe raiO AliMed.com 800.225.2610n One-person installationQuick-Snap Table Clamps n One-touch height adjustmentprovide a simple, one-snapPneumatic Hand-Table LegsOne touch of a attachment for one person to easilylever allows quick, easy, and totally effortless height attach any AliMed Hand Table. No need2ne-nJer reOease adjustment. No more strained backs from frequently for Clark Sockets or other accessories.bending over to make manual adjustments to the hand table As soon as the hand table is parallel to the tabletop, aEasiO\\ tiJKten orwhile an assistant is required to control the height of the spring-powered trigger mechanism locks the hand tableOoosen KandOessurgery table. Accommodates standing or seated surgeries into place. Pull the trigger and the hand table can slide alongto seFure taEOe with just the touch of a lever. Anodized blue aluminum with the rail or be removed completely. No assistance needed. stainless steel piston leg.Anodized aluminumWorks with any hand table with two12 "-diameter mountingAdjusts from 27"34"HMounts on any U.S. standard hand-table side railrods on 4" centerCompatible with all AliMed Hand Tables shown above#932520$527.50 ea #923975$579.49 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.MORE HAND TABLESPP. 106, 107 105'