b'Digital BP MonitorsStethoscopesEasy to use and keep recordsDIAGNOSTICSn Reliable automatic in\x1fationOMRON Intellisense Digital Blood Pressure Monitors with automatic in\x1eation and de\x1eation determines exact in\x1eation level forn Prints instantly for improved each user. Mobile Floor Stand sold separately. record-keepingAverage mode measures up to 3 readings and averagesIntelliSense Automatic Blood Pressure the totalIncludes 4 complete cuff/bladder sets (S, M, L,Monitors with Printer retain up to 28 readings Shown withand XL), AC adapter, rechargeable battery pack in memory. Not made with natural rubber latex.optional Mobile#931910BP MONITOR$1,128.62 eaFloor Stand #931909MOBILE FLOOR STAND$140.85 ea Prints systolic, diastolic, and pulse measurements inREPLACEMENT CUFF/BLADDER SET digital and bar graph formBar graph shows BP ranges of normal, borderline, and hypertensiveContoured #937300S, 17-22 cm$86.61 set D-ring adult cuff, 9"-13" circ.Includes 2 rolls of paper#937299M, 22-32 cm$86.61 set4 C batteries (not included)5-year warranty#937298L, 32-42 cm$95.70 set #98SPH5-2BP MONITOR KIT$188.62 kitBP MONITORSSTETHOSCOPES #937297XL, 42-50 cm$102.77 set #98SPH5-5OPTIONAL XL CUFF$36.25 eaCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.StethoscopesStandard MRI-Safe DisposablenEconomical Includes alternative accessories Great for Sprague-Rappaportn High-quality infection StethoscopesThreadedacoustics controlchestpiece drum madeMRI Stethoscopesof chrome-plated zinc withLightweight, nonmagnetic.n I ndividually wrapped interchangeable \x1fttings and accessories.Non-chilling, high-sensitivity contact Double tubes for acoustic separation. Adjustablediaphragm. Use in high magnetic \x1felds. ExcellentDisposable Stethoscopes for single-patient chrome-plated brass binaural with PVC ear tips. acoustics for easier diagnosis. Latex tubing. use in isolation/contagion areas. 100/cs.Overall length: 30"; tubing length: 22"Includes adultMR-conditional up to 3Tesla Ultra-sensitive diaphragmThree-point connectorand pediatric transparent diaphragms, 3 bells (1", 1",#920343 $283.75 eaAcrylic resinIndividually wrappedNontoxic"), 1 pair mushroom ear tips, 1 pair silicone ear tips, May be incinerated1 oz.Yellowchestpiece key7.5 oz.Black California residents, see below.#96-046$162.75 cs ($1.63 ea)#933885$26.75 eaCalifornia residents, see below.California residents, see below. AmplifyingAdult, Black Convenient stethoscope kitsFAX800.437.2966nOutstanding acoustic performance pediAdscopesizes800.225.2610AliMed.com StethoscopesCombination diaphragm/bell chestpiece made from surgical stainless steel for outstanding performance and durability. Extra large bell for low-frequency response. Ultra-sensitivenElectronically ampli\x1ees sounds up to 18xdiaphragm for greater ampli\x1fcation and crisper high- Adscope 658 Stethoscopes help to hearTeal shownfrequency response. Non-chill bell and diaphragmsounds missed with a traditional acoustic retaining rims. Stainless steel binaurals \x1fxed at 15instrument. Contact-activated microphone \x1fltersCuff and Stethoscope Kits include 760 angle. Available in Adult and Pediatric sizes. higher-frequency background noise and ampli\x1fesSeries Adult Professional Sphygmomanometer Adult (603): Overall length: 31"; tubing length: 21"3 3 heart and lung sounds up to 18x. 8-step volumeand Sprague-Rappaport Stethoscope. DoubleBell: 1 8 " diam.Diaphragm: 1 4 " diam.5.77 oz.1 control. Cardiology headset with bilumen tubingtubing improves acoustic separation, large borePediatric (604): Overall length: 302 "; tubing length: 21"Bell 1 18 " diam.Diaphragm: 1 38 " diam.5.25 oz.Fulland stainless steel binaurals. Backlit LCD display.improves ampli\x1fcation. Not made with natural specifications at AliMed.com Rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts up to 20 hours. rubber latex.#95-625ADULT, BLACK$68.00 ea Overall length: 30"; tubing length: 19"SiliconeFull specifications at AliMed.com#95-626ADULT, GREY$68.75 ea diaphragm: 2" diam.6 oz.Electronic chestpiece: #95-610BLACK$78.25 kit#95-628PEDIATRIC, GREY$72.75 ea 2.7 oz.BlackFull specifications at AliMed.com #95-612RED$78.25 kitCalifornia residents, see below. #939278$246.94 ea #930757TEAL$78.25 kitCalifornia residents, see below. #95-613GREEN$78.25 kitCalifornia Proposition 65 Statement California residents, see at left.WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 226 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'