b'Laryngoscopes Fiber-Optic Blades and HandlesANESTHESIAMillerMillerMacintosh Macintoshn Sealed for easy cleaningno crevices!Rsch Emerald Laryngoscope Blades Small Medium Stubbywith a 5 mm diameter \x1fber-optic light pipeRemovable LARYNGOSCOPES offers bright, focused Xenon light. Matte \x1fnishlight pipehelps reduce glare from blade. Integrated bundlen Light source in handledesign facilitates cleaning by eliminating crevicesn Removable light for easy cleaningand hard-to-reach areas. Color coding indicatesFiber-Optic HandlesLight source in handle compatibility with other green systems. Satin Fiber-Optic BladesStainless steelsimpli\x1fes blade cleaning and allows for use ofSIZEMILLER MACINTOSH construction with satin non-glare \x1fnish. Compatiblebrighter, whiter light. Satin, chrome-plated brass with all laryngoscopes conforming to ASTM F965handle with a knurled \x1fnish. Color-coded green to BLADE 0#932691or ISO 7376-1. The \x1fber-optic light transmissionsignify compatibility with other \x1fber-optic blades. BLADE 1#932692#932686 provides cool high-Kelvin light for obstruction-freeRequires AA or C batteries, not included. BLADE 2#932693#932687 viewing with true tissue color and long-lasting#932499SMALL (AA) $84.84 eaBLADE 3#932694#932688 lamp performance. 2.5V halogen illumination. The#932498MEDIUM (C)$84.84 eaBLADE 4 #932689 removable light pipe facilitates cleaning and service.#932500STUBBY (AA)$85.60 ea$161.45 ea$161.45 ea Green color coding makes \x1fnding compati bleCalifornia residents, see below.California residents, see below. handles easier. Handles sold separately, below. SIZEMILLER MACINTOSH Keep extra bulbs on handBLADE 0#932493#932488MR-conditionalBLADE 1#932494#932489 Replacement Bulbssystems available BLADE 2#932495#932490BLADE 3#932496#932491p. 196 BLADE 4#932497#932492$79.79 ea$79.79 eaCalifornia residents, see below.Standard/Conventional Blades and HandlesFrosted StandardFAX800.437.2966 Miller Blade Frosted Standard Bulbs for use with Water- standard/conventional handles.resistant Clear Halogen Bulbs for use with \x1fber- optic handles. Both are nonsterile. 6/bx.Macintosh Blade #932763FROSTED STANDARD BULB$43.00 bx800.225.2610AliMed.com n Standard incandescent light Pen #932762CLEAR HALOGEN BULB$143.17 bxn Compatible with allCalifornia residents, see below.Rsch Standard/Conventional Blades standard bladesHigh-quality standard incandescent laryngoscope blades require little maintenance. Surgical stainlessRsch Dolphin steel. Lamp included. Replacement Bulbs soldStandard Handles areMedium More Laryngoscopy separately, above right. compatible with all standard blades manufactured to ISO standards, as wellproducts online! SIZEMILLER MACINTOSH as the Rsch FOCS \x1fber-optic blades. Dolphin BLADE 00#932741Handles can be immersed in liquid and stay intact BLADE 0#932742during disinfection. Strong, durable stainless steel BLADE 1#932743#932730 construction with a textured \x1fnish to enhance BLADE 2#932744#932731 grip. Pen requires two AA batteries, Medium BLADE 3#932745#932732 requires two C batteries. Batteries not included. BLADE 3.5 #932733 Not made with natural rubber latex. Including PhillipsBLADE 4#932746#932734 #932754PEN$76.25 ea and Wisconsin Blades$90.25 ea$90.25 ea #932753MEDIUM$76.25 eaCalifornia residents, see below. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 Statement AliMed.com/laryngoscopyWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 130 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'