b'Toboggans SURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESGuard extremities, protect patientsToboggan Arm/Leg Guards are easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, crystal clear radiolucent shields that keep arms and legs on the table, help prevent interference with IV lines, and help protect the ulnar nerve against pressure, among other uses. Just slip the Toboggan under the pad and the patients weight holds it in place. Made of clear Vivaka lightweight, highly break-resistant material;Curved stronger than acrylic! Available in three styles with variousmodel shownsize options. Toboggans are now available in convenient50% offkits with Disposable Liners ( #930159 , also sold separatelyBESTbelow)buy a kit and save 50% off liners! Disposable Vivak thermoplastic copolyester Polyfoam Liners SELLER!TOBOGGANSSizing: Small: Great for upper-body procedures. Medium: Fits most average-sized patients extremities. when purchased with a pair ofToboggansLarge: Accommodates larger arms and legs.6maOO 0edium /arJe 6maOO /arJe 6maOO 0edium /arJe10"W x 4"H 15 34 "W x 4"H 15 34 "W x 5"H 10"W x 8"H 24 34 "W x 8 12 "H 10"W x 6"H 15 34 "W x 8"H 15 34 "W x 10 12 "Hn Low-pro\x1ele design n\x03\x03Discourages leaning on patient n\x03E\x03 xtra extremity protection Low-Pro\x1fleExtremely low-pro\x1fle designStraight provides a gentle reminder to physicianCurved top provides extra protection on top of provides the same level of extremity protectionnot to lean against patient. Guards patientsextremity, while also shielding the physician from as other styles but with a shorter side for betterextremities from excess pressure during procedure.sharp edges. physician access. Sold in pairs. Sold in pairs. All sizes: 10 14 "DS: 10"W x 6"HM: 15 34 "W x 8"HAll sizes: 10 14 "DS: 10"W x 4"HM: 15 34 "W x 4"HAll sizes: 10 14 "DS: 10"W x 8"HL: 24 34 "W x 8 12 "HL: 15 34 "W x 10 12 "H L: 15 34 "W x 5"HTOBOGGANS (pr)TOBOGGANS (pr)/ TOBOGGANS (pr)TOBOGGANS (pr)/ TOBOGGANS (pr)TOBOGGANS (pr)/LINERS (12 pr) LINERS (12 pr) LINERS (12 pr)S#938256$116.91 pr#938256TK$160.63 kit S#938045$206.00 pr#938045TK$249.63 kit S#931177$180.75 pr#931177TK$224.63 kitM#938257$141.40 pr#938257TK$184.88 kit L#924913$352.75 pr#924913TK$395.63 kit M#91-634$204.49 pr#91-634TK$239.63 kitFAX800.437.2966L#938258$150.24 pr#938258TK$193.63 kit Additional shipping charges may apply.L#931176$204.00 pr#931176TK$247.63 kitCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.For made to order sized Toboggans and Covers, visit AliMed.com/made-to-orderFor enhanced pressure management, add a layer of protection to your TobogganAliMed.com 800.225.2610n\x03D\x03 isposablereduces risk n\x03Anti-shear gel protection n\x03\x03Padded with T-Foam for pressure of cross-contamination AliGel TobogganmanagementDisposableGel Pads help reducePadded TobogganPolyfoampressure applied to radialCoversT-Foam (memory and ulnar nerves. Layerfoam) lines the toboggan to help LinersSingle- of Akton gel mimicsreduce pressure and patient-use,fatty tissue fordiscomfort. Covered convoluted poly- greater shearwith black anti-shear elastic foam liners offerreduction. Fits allcover. Compatible with Small protection withoutstyles and sizes.Straight style and all Curved styles.the risk of cross-contamination. Fits all toboggan styles and sizes. Can be cut to size. 12 pr/cs.16 14 "W x 8 14 "H x38 " thick S: 11"W x 8"HM: 16"W x 10"HL: 16"W x 12 12 "H20"W x 8"H x 2" thick#935098$87.25 ea #931178S$95.50 ea#930159$90.00 cs California residents, see left page. #931025M$127.50 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.#931179L$148.75 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.103'