b'Surgical LightingLIGHTINGMobileMobile MobileSURGICAL LIGHTINGn Pure white light n ManeuverablenMinimizesE. CoolSpot IIoffers pure white light along withF. AIM-100 offers limitless light obstruction a guaranteed no-drift arm, high-intensity setting,arm and mounting system and variable spot-size control from 2" to 10". Bi- rotation around vertical axes (on Single Ceiling D. AIM LED features 20,000 hours of lamp lifelevel dimmer for variable intensity. Removable andmodels). High intensity illumination with smooth for cost-effective use. Unique Y-shaped designautoclavable center SteriHandle design allowsfocus and maneuverability. Long arm offers wide minimizes light obstruction in the examination \x1feldremoval or replacement of handle with one handrange of placement positions. Focuses with by wrapping around, instead of over, physiciansfor ensuring sterile procedures. Multiple mountingcentral removable, autoclavable SteriHandle. head. Sterilizable light handle adjusts light size andoptions available.Bulbs are wired in parallel to ensure continuous pattern to the working area. operation. UL/IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, EN/IEC 60601-2-41, and120VUL 60601-1/IEC 60601-2-41 certifiedMobile120VIEC/UL 60601-1/IEC 60601-2-41/IEC certifiedCAN/CSA certifiedCRI of 923 LED modules with 20,000- model: 60"H; Light head, 9"L; Articulating arm, 18"L and 20"D light headMobile model: 69"HAdditional hour lifeAdjustable focusSterilizable light handle19"LMounting system meets California Seismic Codeslighting specifications, see chart below Additional lighting specifications, see chart belowAdditional lighting specifications, see chart below#930106MOBILE$3,856.12 ea #933752MOBILE$5,001.32 ea#937825MOBILE$4,198.08 ea #930109WALL MOUNT$3,856.90 ea #933754WALL MOUNT $4,862.45 ea#937828WALL MOUNT$4,079.72 ea #930107SINGLE CEILING$3,856.12 ea #933753SINGLE CEILING$4,862.45 ea#937826SINGLE CEILING$4,079.72 ea #930108DOUBLE CEILING$6,937.61 ea #933755DOUBLE CEILING$8,703.26 ea#937827DUAL CEILING$7,340.08 ea Additional shipping charges may apply.Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Helps reduce cross-contaminationonlyn Flood-type light 99 FAX800.437.2966eaG. Outpatient II offers focusable \x1eood-typeMobileLight Handle light, maximum intensity, and shadow-freeCovers slip over operation with three halogen bulbs. Minimal heatexam or surgical output for cool operation with heat \x1flters and#95-847MOBILE$3,221.57 ea light posts to allow dichroic coatings. Focuses with central removable,#930104WALL MOUNT$3,417.34 ea quick lighting adjustments without breaking autoclavable SteriHandle. Bulbs are wired in#95-848SINGLE CEILING$3,230.56 ea the sterile \x1feld. Securely screws in place. Easy AliMed.com 800.225.2610parallel to ensure continuous operation.#95-849DOUBLE CEILING$5,950.03 ea removal and disposal. Not made with natural 120VUL 60601-1/IEC 60601-2-41 certifiedMobile#930105REPL. BULB, 3/pk$180.77 pk rubber latex. 2/pk, 80 pk/cs.model: 60"HDrift-free arm measures 19"L and 18"L#95-851REPL. STERIHANDLE$93.30 ea SterileFlexibleMounting system meets California Seismic CodesAdditional shipping charges may apply.Additional lighting specifications, see chart below California residents, see left page. #934700$159.39 csCalifornia residents, see left page. SURGICAL LIGHTSCOLORFLOOR WALLCEILINGDESCRIPTIONMFR.LUXTEMP. (K)WARRANTYMODELMOUNTMOUNTLIGHT SOURCEA.TRISTARSUNNEX43,200 @ 36"4,1003-yrTHREE 20W HALOGEN BULBS, 4,000+-hr LIFEB.CELESTIAL STARSUNNEX64,500 @ 36"4,1003-yrTHREE 35W HALOGEN BULBS, 4,000-hr LIFEC.MI 1000BOVIE70,000 @ 39"4,0003-yrLED, 50,000-hr LIFED.AIM LEDPHILIPS BURTON45,000 @ 39"4,3005-yr LIMITEDLED, 20,000-hr LIFEE.COOLSPOT IIPHILIPS BURTON60,000 @ 36"4,3005-yr LIMITED150W BULB, 600-hr LIFEF.AIM-100PHILIPS BURTON63,000 @ 36"3,5005-yr LIMITEDTHREE QUARTZ HALOGEN BULBS, 2,000-hr LIFEG.OUTPATIENT IIPHILIPS BURTON86,000 @ 24"3,3005-yr LIMITEDTHREE 50W HALOGEN BULBS, 2,000-hr LIFEAvailable by special order. 345'