b'CommunicationExam Room EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESSHelp communicate basic needs Exam Room furnishings.n Crucial tool for patients and caregiversCritical Communicatorassists with staff and family interaction with all 18 languages!clients. These guides help facilities comply with mandated communication guidelines. Helpful for those who have dif\x1fculty communicating even basic needs on a temporary basis. Includes a pain scale of words and pictures for: now (immediate attention, such as hard to breathe); pain (ache, burning, sharp); as well as people (husband, wife, doctor); alphabet,Base is 7 12 "Hnumbers, and days of the week. COMMUNICATIONEXAM ROOM Also great for translators and first responders CRITICAL COMMUNICATOR nCollapses for easy storage and 30/PK 10/PK (cont.) transfer#82429ENGLISH$36.00 pk #8881701310JAPANESE$30.00 pk#82430SPANISH$36.00 pk #8881701410KOREAN$30.00 pk Collapsible HampersConstructed to 10/PK #8881701510POLISH$30.00 pk collapse for easier storage. Chrome \x1fnish for a #8881700210ARABIC$30.00 pk #8881701710ROMANIAN$30.00 pk more attractive appearance.#8881700310CHINESE$30.00 pk #8881701610RUSSIAN$30.00 pk 17"W x 14"L x 32"H 78 "-diameter tubular base #8881700510FARSI$30.00 pk #8881701910TAGALOG/FILIPINO$30.00 pk (7"H)3-gauge wire tension arms3" casters#8881700410FRENCH$30.00 pk #8881701810TURKISH$30.00 pk12 lbs.Bags not included, see p. 338#8881700610GREEK$30.00 pk #8881702010VIETNAMESE$30.00 pk #934954$85.23 ea#8881700910HINDI$30.00 pk18-LANGUAGE PACK California residents, see below.#8881701010HMONG/LAOTIAN$30.00 pk #834181 CARD EACH$30.00 pk#8881701110ITALIAN$30.00 pk California residents, see below.California residents, see below.Critical Communicator for Kids Child-friendly pictures and vocabu lary include foods, activities, toys, pain scale, comfort, and needs. 30/pk. EnJOisK 6panisK#82431ENGLISH$40.00 pk#82432SPANISH$42.00 pkCalifornia residents, see below.FAX800.437.2966800.225.2610AliMed .comn Familiar itemsn Folds for easy storagein \x1eve languages n Economical Folding Privacy Screens 34 "-diameter Multi-Language Communication Cards,anodized aluminum frame with stainless steel Angela Tipton DikengilA unique device featuringVisiBoard Picture Communication Boards hinges. \x1fve different picture cards with symbolicFor temporary or long-term use in hospitals, 68"HPanels are 6 mil.Bacteriostatic white vinylrepresentations of familiar items and conditions inlong-term-care settings, and home health. Meets CAL 117\x1fve different languages: English, Spanish, French,Conveniently sized (8 12 "W x 11"H) two-sided picture German, and Italian. Each multi-purpose card hascommunication sheet presents basic concepts in THREE-PANELnine images and can help increase vocabulary. Cana clear, quick-to-locate format. Inexpensive to use#7338119"W FOLDED, 48"L EXTENDED$262.69 eabe used in short- or long-term situations and forwith individuals with aphasia, dysarthria, ventilator#7338231"W FOLDED, 85"L EXTENDED$321.09 ea helping non-English-speaking clients communicate.dependence, and neurologic disorders. FOUR-PANELWire-bound book containing five laminated cards 8\'W x 11"H50 sheets/pad #7338319"W FOLDED, 62"L EXTENDED$370.87 ea#82333$33.75 ea #82433$27.00 ea California residents, see below.California residents, see below. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 376 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https:// www.p65warnings .ca .gov.'