b'Exam TablesCLINICAL FURNISHINGSn Entry-level manual exam table Pneumatic cylinder325 for easy patientlbs.Basic Exam Tables are fully featured entry-level exam positioningtables accommodating patients up to 325 lbs. Sturdy, retractable patient step with nonskid mat. Large storage capacity with front and side drawers (side drawers are available on left or right side ofEasy-to-adjusttable).Contoured, seamless upholstery for easy cleaning. Pneumaticergonomic backrest for easy patient positioning. Adjustable leg stirrups. stirrupsOverall: 26"W x 32"H57"L, extends to 71"LLeg extension: 15"L Front drawers: 19"W x 4"H x 19"DSide drawers: 22"W x 7"H x 20"DnEasily reclinesPatient step: 20"W x 8"H x 11"DPaper roll holder accepts 3"W x 18"L from chair and 21"L rolls120V, 60Hz, 10 ampsPlastic debris tray325-lb. capacityto \x1fat treatment table3-year warranty Accommodates up to 7 Front Drawer Dividers (sold separately below). Procedure ChairsVersatile chair easilyAdditional options available by special order, call 800.225.2610 x103 for details.converts from a contour position to a treatment#924500*BASIC EXAM TABLE $2,262.13 eatable. Reclining 150 with a 360 turning radius, it#924508FRONT DRAWER DIVIDERS$179.29 eacan be locked into various positions for comfort.Shown inEXAM TABLESHydraulic pump with a foot treadle control provides*Specify Left or Right Drawers (from patients perspective). Blue Foga 6"H adjustment. Removable, height-adjustableSpecify color. See chart below. Additional shipping charges may apply.Pull-out step with \x1eat headrest allows full range of forward andCalifornia residents, see left page. nonskid matbackward movement, angular adjustment, and a Blue FogBlack SatinCabernetClamshellIvyGunmetal pivoting headrest cushion. Removable armrests allow egress from either side. Overall: 28"W x 67"LAdjusts: 23"-29"HHydraulic base: 26"W x 30"LBlackn Premium manual exam table#939212$1,882.39 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.Access Exam Tables have all the features of the Brewer Basic Exam California residents, see left page. Tables and more! Large, adjustable 4-leg patient step with nonskid matShown in increases patientsafety. Patented pass-through side drawers can beGunmetalaccessed from either side. Includes hospital-grade electrical outlets and stores up to 6 additional paper rolls.Overall: 28"W x 32"H57"L, extends to 71"LLeg extension: 15"L Front drawers: 19"W x 4"H x 19"DSide drawers: 22"W x 7"H x Hand-control 20"DPatient Step: 20"W x 8"H x 17"DPaper Roll Holder acceptspower table 3"W x 18"L and 21"L rolls120 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 AMPSPlastic debris tray 500-lb. capacity5-year warranty Accommodates up to 7 Front Drawer Dividers (sold separately below). Pass-through Additional options available by special order, call 800.225.2610 x103 for details.drawers Stable,#931690CLAMSHELL$2,420.44 ea 4-leg patient step#931689GUNMETAL$2,420.44 ea#924508FRONT DRAWER DIVIDERS$179.29 ea Clamshell GunmetalColor chart shown at right. Additional shipping charges may apply.FAX800.437.2966California residents, see left page. n Extra-wide top for larger patients nLow pro\x1ele for easy chair-to-table transfers X-L Power-Back Exam TablesMotorizedAccess High-Low Exam Tables with chair-to-tabledesign provide a 18"H pro\x1fle in the seated position to AliMed.com 800.225.2610backrest adjusts 0-75. Slide-out footstep withallow level lateral transfers from standard wheelchair anti-slip treaded surface and front supports forheights. Features supportive upright seat back andAbundant storageSafetystability. 20"W slide-out padded leg rest extendswith pass-throughgrab bars for 18"L. Extra-wide 29" top for larger patients. Tablesafety grab bars to simplify reliable patient transfers.drawers securityis 33"H with toe recess on both sides of table. Abundant storage with pass-through drawer system for left/right side accessibility. Adjustable leg stirrups, Overall: 29"W x 33"H x 54"L, extends to 72"LHandfoot control, and anti-tamper on/off switch. Power Back controlsHeavy-duty steel chassisPelvic tilt w/dualmodel includes return-to-chair feature.side controlsIncludes paper dispenser and cutterPlastic irrigation panElectrical outlet in rear of tableOverall: 28"W x 18"-37"H57"L, extends to 78"LLeg w/hospital-grade plug110V, 60Hz, 5 amps600-lb.extension: 21"LFront drawers: 19 34 "W x 4"H x 19 14 "DSide capacity drawers: 22 34 "W x 7"H x 20 14 "D5 pelvic tiltPaper roll #925577$3,519.98 ea holder accepts 18"L and 21"L rolls115V, 50HzStainless Specify color. See chart below. steel debris tray450-lb. capacity3-year warranty Shown in GunmetalAdditional shipping charges may apply.#924752PNEUMATIC BACK$8,539.64 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #924754POWER BACK$10,155.71 ea /oZ proOe for eas\\Specify color. See chart below. Additional shipping charges may apply.chair-to-table transfersSlate Blue Grey Black California residents, see left page. Grotto Green BurgundyBlue FogBlack SatinCabernetClamshellIvyGunmetal303'