b'IN STOCKQuick Ship!R RADIATION PROTECTIONPlano Lenses ship same day!**Same-day shipping for all non-prescription Plano glasses if ordered by 3 p.m. ESTBESTBlack Rx Rx SELLER!too!R too!Rx Rx n Lateral protection too! good \x1et for small faces Regular shownR Ultralite Wraparound for Regular andin SilverBlue Tortoise Petite FacesWraparound lenses eliminate the R too! need for added side shields for lateral exposure.Petite shown nFlexible hinges for comfort Curved, \x1eexible temples hug head for a secure \x1ftin Pink53 WrapFlexible hinges offer more comfortand also provide splash protection. Fits almost any PROTECTIVE EYEWEARand less resistance than a standard hinge. Saddlehead and nose type. bridge style distributes weight evenly over the nose.Durable nylon frameRegular: 58gPetite: 54gStandard side shields offer additional protection.Nylon frame87gFOR REGULAR FACESFOR PETITE FACES#936832PLANO (NO Rx)$165.57 ea #937926 PLANO (NO Rx)$203.25 ea #937115 PLANO (NO Rx)$203.25 ea#936833SINGLE VISION Rx$379.81 ea #921165SINGLE Rx$358.00 ea #937116SINGLE Rx$401.67 ea#936834BIFOCAL Rx$412.77 ea #922154BIFOCAL Rx$423.25 ea #937117BIFOCAL Rx$518.33 eaSpecify Black, Blue, or Tortoise.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. Specify Silver, Pink, Taupe, Black, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, Fuchsia, or Teal.Ultralite colors (Regular and Petite)Silver and Pink shown aboveTaupe Black Blue Purple Light Blue Fuchsia TealVented frameBlueGunmetal prevents fog buildupDesignerProtective Eyewear Rx Rx Rx Rxtoo! too!New brands, new styles R R FAX800.437.2966Black BlackR too! R too!n Vented frame increases air\x1fow nRubberized, soft-grip templesAtomic Fog-FreeVented frame helps AvengersStylish, lightweight wraparound frames prevent fogging. Rubber coated anti-slip frame. constructed of high-impact nylon. Rubberized, Fixed rubber nose padReinforced nylon frame67g soft-grip temple bars deliver a secure \x1ft while the Details, p. 154 AliMed.com 800.225.2610wraparound lenses offer full protection.#936809PLANO (NO Rx)$324.45 ea Nylon frame67g#936810SINGLE Rx$512.68 ea#936811BIFOCAL Rx$716.75 ea #939186PLANO (NO Rx)$122.31 ea#936812PROGRESSIVE Rx$971.37 ea #939187SINGLE VISION Rx$238.70 eaSpecify Gunmetal or Black. Specify Blue or Black. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.Specialty EyewearFitovers and Readers p. 155MORE EYEWEARPP. 154, 155153'