b'PositioningOptimal support for A-line insertionsANESTHESIAOptimize head position duringBESTintubation SELLER!Deluxe model shownAliStrap armboard strapProtecta-Coatsold separately, pp. 2, 3POSITIONINGIntubation Wedges A-Line Support Splints improve properly position patientsaccess to the radial artery by positioning during intubation forthe wrist just rightevery time. It easier airway access.allows skin to be stretched taut with Details, p. 131 artery presented optimally and thumb abductedall of which facilitate cannulation.Deluxe model includes a skin-friendly padded strap to minimize movement and secure the hand andStandard modelwrist to the positioner. Use your own straps with the economical Standard model. 3"W x 10 12 "LClosed-cell foam Try itFREE!#95-985DELUXE, 12/cs$110.00 cs Request your sample and watch the#95-984STANDARD, 30/cs$90.00 cs video at: AliMed.com/alinePermits California residents, see left page.anesthesiologist accessGel PositioningTrusted for 50 yearsLightweight protectionAliGelAliLite AliGel A 50-year history of use and clinical proof of ef\x1fcacy make this 100% Akton polymer gel the industry standard for O.R. positioning.AliLite Lightweight and easy to handle, this gel-topped foam provides the same AliGel Ulnar Nerve Protectors providepressure-reducing properties as comparable gel-only products but is up to 50% lighter.FAX800.437.2966anti-shear protection to ulnar nerve whileHead Donuts stabilize and protect patientsProne Headrests keep head in a straight, permitting access for the anesthesiologist. Padhead while allowing easy access to surgicalneutral position during prone procedures. wraps around elbow and secures with hook-and- sites of head and neck. Head and face are protected and can be accessed loop attachment (included).through bottom of the pad. 6"W x 15 34 "L x12 " thick1.15 lbs. Includes two tube channels for easy access. #95-787$76.00 eaAliMed.com 800.225.2610California residents, see left page. Adult, Std. Adult, Wide M: 7 34 "W x 8 34 "L x 4 34 "H4.35 lbs.pedi 5 18" O.D.3.1 lbs.Standard: 1 34 "H x 3" I.D. sizesL: 9"W x 108 "L x 54 "H7.6 lbs.Speed up your cleanup.Wide: 1 34 "H x 4 12 " I.D.p. 24ALIGEL ALIGEL #931677M$202.00 eaHygienic #925815L$247.00 eaDonut Covers#95-118ADULT, STD.$102.00 ea California residents, see left page.Conventional#938140ADULT, WIDE$111.50 eacleaning would haveCalifornia residents, see left page.a nurse wash and wipe down the head Adult: 2 1 "H x 7 3 "Adult: 9"W x 11"L x 6"H7.4 lbs.donut to remove \x1euids,4 4 1diam.1.45 lbs. Pediatric: 72 "W x 9"L x 5"H6.95 lbs.and then disinfect.1 1AliMeds Hygienic Donut Covers are \x1euid-proof Pediatric: 1 3 "H x 5 2 " ALILITEfor safer, more thorough cleanup. Fits all adultdiam.0.65 lb. #931696ADULT$296.25 eadonut sizes. 100/pk.ALILITE #931697PEDIATRIC$235.00 ea#937280$36.00 pk #931555ADULT$151.75 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. #931556PEDIATRIC$114.50 ea California residents, see left page. See our full line of gel and foam positioners, pp. 22-67 129'