b'Procedure AccessoriesMRI1onsOip surfaFe\x11\x11\x11n Acts like an extra pair of hands\x11\x11\x11even KoOds suppOies ZKenMRI ACCU-DRAW Hands-free access to Eoard is tipped multiple vials at once, keeping nurses\' hands out of the "needle danger zone" and avoidingpunctured \x1fngers. Durable plastic holder holds two PROCEDURE ACCESSORIES single-dose and three multi-dose vials. Clamps onto any table surface. Vials click and lock into place for security. When vials run out, easily replace any time during the procedure. Holds vials at the perfect angle for complete emptying, Armboard and procedural table in one reducing medication waste. Recommended for surgeons, anesthesiologists, and IV nurses. n Faster setups for injections Patient Protection. Vial labels are clearly visible Wide Universal Armboards Replacement Nonslip Surface availableat all times, ensuring patients receive the right Radiolucent, advanced compositeseparately below. Cleanable with any type ofmedication and the expiration date has not passed.Armboards accommodate bothdisinfectant. Hanging hole for easy storage off arm and supplies, saving youthe \x1eoor.Staff Safety. Hands-free vial holder keeps time from bringing a table to hold31"L x38 " thickWidth tapers 11"-6"Radiolucentnurses hands out of the needle danger zone.procedural supplies. Accommodates varyingpolyethyleneMR-safe5 lbs.Time Management. Ef\x1fcient multi-vial storage patient sizes. Patients weight holds it in place.#935196WIDE ARMBOARD$232.00 ea eliminates the need for extra staff to retrieve more Top of Armboard has nonslip surface to prevent#935197REPL. NONSLIP SURFACE$25.00 ea vials or hold them when \x1flling syringes.arm from moving for easier and safer insertion. California residents, see below. MR-safe#932994w/MAYO CLAMP$249.00 ea#932996w/IV CLAMP$249.00 eaCalifornia residents, see below.:itK 3aOm 3adFAX800.437.2966n Clear for complete clarityDeRoyal Control Syringes for smooth oper-ation. Clear, glass-like polycarbonate ensures com-plete clarity. 8-ml syringe is ideal for use with smaller$FtuaO si]e800.225.2610AliMed.com catheters. Not made with natural rubber latex. 25/cs. Sterilen Individually packaged sterilized items n Add instant reference point on scan ITEM #DESCRIPTIONMFR. #PRICE MRI Breast Biopsy Disposable SterileMRI/CT Markers offer a clear and accuratew/THUMB AND FINGER RINGS, MALE KitsEach kit contains individually packagedreference point on any type of scan. Visible on #9219298-ml LUER LOCK 77-400391$361.53 cs items already sterilized, allowing unused piecesall MRI sequences for T-spines, head, neck, #9219308-ml ROTATOR77-400392$429.51 cs to be retained for other patients. Needles notextremities imaging, hot spots, pain location, and #92193110-ml LUER LOCK77-300741$237.67 cs included. 10 kits/cs. masses. Markers do not indent into tissue or #92193210-ml ROTATOR77-300744$236.64 cs Kit contains: Swabsticks, (1) PVP 3s, (1) Alcohol Prepproduce artifacts. Use for other radiology modalities #92193512-ml LUER LOCK77-301291$236.64 cs Pad, (1) Nonferrous Disposable Scalpel #11, (1) Plasticsuch as CT for masses, pain location, and biopsies; #92193612-ml ROTATOR77-301294$236.64 cs 6\'\' Forceps, (1) Absorbent Towel, (1) 20cc Luer Lockmammography as a nipple marker; or for moles, Syringe, (2) 10cc Luer Lock Syringes, (1) 5cc Luer Lockmasses, scars, and other areas of interest.w/PALM PAD AND WINGS, MALE Syringe, (8) 4"W x 4"L 12-Ply Gauze, (3) 2"W x 2"L 12-PlyDisposable. Not made with natural rubber latex.#92193310-ml LUER LOCK77-300743$225.31 cs Gauze, (1) 4-oz. Specimen Cup w/Lid, (1) Card of (3) "50/pk. More Markers on p. 170.#92193410-ml ROTATOR77-300742$225.31 cs x 4"L Tape Strips, (1) Chloral Prep One-Step, 3 mL, (1)15-mm diam. x 3 12 -mm thickMR-safe #92193712-ml LUER LOCK77-301293$229.43 cs Skin Marker, (3) Blank labels, (1) Tray, 10"W x 5"L x 2"H#92193812-ml ROTATOR77-301292$225.31 cs #935179$556.97 cs #934805$174.84 pk California residents, see below. California residents, see below. California residents, see below.California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State 194 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'