b'Cohesive Bandagesn No fastener needed, contains latexWOUND CARECoFlexis self-adhesiveno clips or fasteners needed. Maintains consistent compression with nonslip support. Contains latex.nEasy to tear, non-latex*CoFlex NLSame CoFlex features with the added bene\x1fts of being able to easily tear by hand and not being made with natural rubber latex.nOpen-cell foam,wont unravelCOFLEX (CONTAINS LATEX) ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICECoFlex LF 2Quick-stick open-cell foam clings #518911"W x 5 yds 30 rl/cs$30.75 cs ($1.03 rl)to itself and will not unravel. Water-resistant, holds#5189211 2 "W x 5 yds 48 rl/cs$68.75 cs ($1.43 rl) Tan Packwet dressings in place. Gentle for skin. Tears by#518943"W x 5 yds 24 rl/cs$54.33 cs ($2.26 rl)hand. Use to hold dressings in place, stabilize IVs,#518966"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs$54.33 cs ($4.53 rl)or as a light compression wrap. Not made withSpecify Tan or Color Pack. COHESIVE BANDAGESnatural rubber latex. California residents, see left page. ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE#520001"W x 5 yds30 rl/cs$40.17 cs 1COFLEX NL (NON-LATEX*)#520011 2 "W x 5 yds48 rl/cs$97.72 cs #520022"W x 5 yds36 rl/cs$88.32 cs ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE#520033"W x 5 yds24 rl/cs$73.13 cs#51-1351"W x 5 yds 30 rl/cs$53.25 cs ($1.78 rl)#520044"W x 5 yds8 rl/cs$65.66 cs#5189711 2 "W x 5 yds 48 rl/cs$91.41 cs ($1.90 rl)#520056"Wx 5 yds12 rl/cs$60.51 cs#51-1362"W x 5 yds 36 rl/cs$87.00 cs ($2.42 rl) Color PackSpecify Tan or Color Pack. #51-1373"W x 5 yds 24 rl/cs$78.53 cs ($3.27 rl)Color Pack not available in 4"W or 6"W.#518984"W x 5 yds 18 rl/cs$66.69 cs ($3.71 rl)California residents, see left page. #518996"W x 5 yds 12 rl/cs$64.89 cs ($5.41 rl)Specify Tan Pack, Color Pack, Smiley Pack, or Kids PackSmiley Pack(Color Pack not available in 4"W or 6"W; Kids Pack not available in 1"W, 11 2 "W, or 6"W).*Not made with natural rubber latex. California residents, see left page.Kids Packn Edema controlCoban Elastic Wrap for edema control and n Sterile packs, easy to tear stump wrapping. Self-adhering. Contains latex. ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE Sterile CoFlex NLSame as CoFlex NL.#59871"W x 5 yds30 rl/bx$54.25 bxIndividual rolls are packed sterile. Not made with#59882"W x 5 yds36 rl/bx$110.50 bxFAX800.437.2966natural rubber latex.#59893"W x 5 yds24 rl/bx$93.50 bx ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE #98DRE3-394"W x 5 yds18 rl/bx$89.50 bx#9312344"W x 5 yds18 rl/cs$87.29 cs Tan only. #9312136"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs$90.38 cs California residents, see left page.Tan only. California residents, see left page. Consistent compression Variety of colors Does not shrink in width Easy-tear, no cutting necessaryas low as AliMed .com 800.225.2610Compare and Save! Coban vs. Co-FlexCompareVariety of widths Latex Water-resistantn Sterile open-cell foam, wont unravelSterile CoFlex LF 2Same as CoFlex LF 2Coban \x16\x16- - \x16- - $3.90 rl. Individual rolls are packed sterile. Not made withCo-Flex\x16 \x16 \x16 \x16 \x16 $2.26 rlnatural rubber latex.Co-Flex NL \x16\x16\x16\x16- * \x16- $3.27 rl ITEM #SIZEQTYPRICE Co-Flex LF 2 \x16\x16\x16\x16- - ** \x16\x16$3.05 rl#519973"W x 5 yds24 rl/cs$92.44 cs *Not made with natural rubber latex.#519984"W x 5 yds18 rl/cs$84.20 csPricing for 3"W x 5-yd. roll, 24 rl/cs#519996"W x 5 yds12 rl/cs$87.29 cs Tan only. California residents, see left page. 359'