b'Positioner MaterialsDeveloping and delivering positioning POSITIONERS products for 50 years and countingFor 50 years, AliMed has been an industryDesigned to meet your positioning needs, we offer aYoull also \x1fnd a wide range of sandbags, bean bags, leader in developing and deliveringcomprehensive selection of gel and foam positioners,and other specialty positioners.positioning solutions that improve patientincluding our industry standard AliGel Positioners Customization capabilities availableoutcomes, offering unique and innovativetrusted products that have been used in the O.R. toWith our expertise and on-site customization gel and foam products engineered toreduce shear and help prevent pressure injuriesand redistribute pressure, maximize stability,our award-winning foam InvisiCoat Positioners withcapabilities, we can partner with you to develop a made reduce shear, and improve imagingunique curved edges that reduce artifacts and costlyto order positioner that meets your speci\x1fcations. Visit visualization. retakes during imaging procedures. AliMed.com/made-to-order for details.POSITIONER MATERIALS Gel Optionspp.pp. AliGel24-31 AliBlue 36-39100% Gel Economical GelAliGel Positioners remain an industry standard due to the pressure- AliBlue Gel Positioners have all the viscoelastic, pressure-relieving relieving properties of a unique gel formula that mimics fatty tissue andproperties of other gel positioners, but at a budget-friendly price. moves with the patient to reduce shear and help p revent pressure injuries.Includes a 18-month warranty against manufacturing defects.Additionally, AliGel absorbs shock, stretches, and retains its shape better than less dense gel positioners. Made of 100% dry viscoelastic polymers and includes an 18-month warranty against manufacturing defects.FAX800.437.2966pp.p. AliLite 32-35 Azure 40800.225.2610AliMed.com Lightweight Gel Dual-Layer GelAliLite Positioners are up to 50% lighter than comparable gel-onlyAzure Positioners consist of a silicone base with a silicone-cured products, combining all the pressure-relieving properties of gel with agel layer on top that conforms to the body in a more contoured way lightweight inner foam core for easier handling. AliLite is imperviousthan standard gel alone. The soft top layer acts as a second layer of to \x1euids, naturally bacteriostatic, and features a stable, nonskid base.tissue for even distribution of weight that helps reduce the risk of nerve Precontoured to reduce pressure by distributing weight over a largerdamage and skin breakdown. Includes a 24-month warranty against surface area. Made of dry viscoelastic polymers and includes a 24-monthmanufacturing defects.warranty against manufacturing defects.22'