b'Patient ProtectionRADIATION PROTECTIONReduce CT n Hook-and-loop closure for adjustabilityradiation exposure Mini Aprons withAttenuRad Garments reduce exposure up easy-off hook-and-loopto 60% without sacri\x1fcing image quality orclosure. Fastens securelyproducing artifacts. Flexible, lead-free shieldsin seconds. Color-codedoffer protection for high-risk tissues. Not madesizes for quickwith natural rubber latex. identi\x1fcation. Standard lead Eye Shields conform 0.5 mm to nasal bridge. They layPb protection \x1eat over the patients closed eyes. No part of#9-080S, 12"W x 10"L, YELLOW$117.50 ea#9-081M, 16"W x 14"L, BLUE$129.50 eathe shield covers the bony external orbital#9-082L, 18"W x 15"L, GREEN$136.50 ea rim. 4-ply, offers close#9-083SET OF THREE, S, M, L$325.75 set to 40% dose savings forFor personalized prints and monograms,eyes. 20/pk. call 800.225.2610 for special order. #931936$223.43 pk California residents, see left page.PATIENT PROTECTIONCalifornia residents, see left page.Breast Shields Two large panels n Flexible ring \x1ets snug around waistform-\x1ft curvaturesof supine bodySpring Ring regardless of patientsApron SetsFlexible, size. Radiation protectionvinyl-covered steel spring to the medial upperholds apron \x1frmly in place breast and armpit areas.on waist. Rack mounts to Offers approxi matelywall.50% dose savings forRack: 8 14 "W x 12"L x 5 12 "H the breast. Reusable. Standard lead0.5 mm Pb Includes 0.635-cm foam offset protection14 lbs.#927280$185.71 ea Full Set with RackSpecify Medium or Large.#9-623SPRING RING APRON SET w/RACK$985.65 setCalifornia residents, see left page.#924904SPRING RING APRON RACK ONLY$447.18 eaPediatric ShieldsREPLACEMENT SPRING RING APRONReduce radiation at#9-450S, 81 2 "W x 10"L, GREEN$136.48 eapediatric dosages.#9-451M, 12"W x 12"L, BERRY$149.12 eaComes in four sizes: Neonate, 10/cs; Large,#9-452L, 16"W x 14"L, BLUE$139.50 ea12 Months, 8/cs; Blue#9-453XL, 20"W x 16"L, PURPLE$202.19 ea5 Years, 6/cs; and shown California residents, see left page.10 Years, 4/cs.FAX800.437.2966Includes 0.635-cm foam offset#927279$241.43 cs n Up to 70% attenuationSpecify size. SecureShield CT Shields are composed of California residents, see left page. a proprietary mix of several lead-free elements, Thyroid Shields which help protect patients and prevent cancer Lateral bow ties arerisks and radiation damage to the sensitive tissueAliMed.com 800.225.2610attached to interiorof the Breast, Thyroid, and Eyes. Disposable, \x1eaps of shield. Protectssingle-use shields prevent bacterial and biological patients with largercontamination. Flexible protection with foam necks or larger thyroidpadding molds to the patients body for ease of glands that extenduse and comfort. 100% lead-free recyclable core behind the clavicle ormaterial for eco-friendly disposal without special sternum. 60% dose savings. handling. 10/bx.Adhesive back. 10/pk. Breast: 67% attenuation at 120kV Eye: 70% attenuation #931937$156.40 pk at 120kVUniversal sizeThyroid: 65% attenuation at 120kVUniversal sizeCalifornia residents, see left page. #937949*BREAST$157.14 bx Eye#937950EYE$188.57 bx #937951THYROID$188.57 bxInvisiCoat *Specify Medium or Large. Positioners California residents, see left page. Breast Thyroidpp. 48, 49161'