b'Covers and Drapes Application Size Description Quantity Item # Price INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY CFI C-ARM COVERSC-Arm Drape 36"W x 36"L Fits 9" and 12"D OEC Series 9600/9800 I.I.30/cs#923207$140.85 cs($4.70 ea)and X-ray Tube GE Ref OEC #00-901169-01 C-Arm Drape KitFits 9" & 12"D I.I. C-Arm Drape \x1fts OEC20/cs#923212$384.19 cs ($19.21 ea)9600/9800 w/5 mounting clips, two 36" x 36" Bandbags (#923207), and 20" x 24" Foot- switch Cover (#923265)Mobile C-Arm Drape42"W x 74"L Clear poly, with poly straps20/cs#923213$152.44 cs ($7.62 ea) CFI MINI C-ARM COVERS Round Cap CoverCOVERS AND DRAPESMini C-Arm KitIncludes: one Mini C-Arm Drape20/cs#923202$316.21 cs ($15.81 ea)(#923203), one Keyboard Cover(#923221), and one 20" x 24" GreyFootswitch Cover (#923265), \x1fts OEC MiniView 6600 and 6800 Mini C-Arm Drape48"W x 84"L Fits OEC Mini 6800 Image Intensi\x1fer, X-ray25/cs #923203$186.17 cs($7.45 ea) Tube, and C-Arm, GE Ref OEC #00-901917-01, \x1fts OEC MiniView 6600 and 6800 Mini C-Arm Drape52"W x 60"L Fits Fluoroscan Premier Image Intensi\x1fer, 20/cs#923205$162.48 cs($8.12 ea)X-ray Tube, and C-ArmPREFERRED MEDICAL COVERS Round Cap Cover22"DStretch elastic opening60/cs#95-145$366.76 cs ($6.11 ea)Additional shipping charges may apply.Premier Guard C-Arm Drape UNIFLEX MEDICAL COVERS Remote Hand Control7"W x 13"LFits OEC 9600/9800 C-Arm X-ray25/cs#9100AN$71.71 cs ($2.87 ea)Size Item # PriceApplication Description Quantity California residents, see left page.AliStrap provides extra security when using AliBagsFAX800.437.296630\'L rollWrappedcut to any cords can belengthrepositioned easilyreleaseElastic closureonly AliMed.com 800.225.2610and relocate proteFts aJainst fluids for infection control 3. ea Sterile and$ 40individually packagedn Strong hook-and-loop strapnProtects more for lessAliStrap Self-adhering back-to-backAliBagsClear, sterile, multi-purpose plastic hook-and-loop strap safely securesbags are larger than you think to cover equipment covers or neatly organizes messyarmboards, positioners, and more! Elastic closure cords. Simply cut to desired length, wrap, andhelps protect against \x1euids, allowing for speedy pressthe perfect size strap every time! 30\'L. cleanup while reducing the risk of infectionall at #95-905*"W$35.50 rl an affordable price. Individually packaged. Not made with natural rubber latex. 100/cs.#95-9001"W$55.50 rl*Not shown.36"W x 28"LOther widths available, pp. 2, 3.Keep covers #95-135$340.21 csCalifornia residents, see left page. in place with AliStrap California residents, see left page.167'