b'Lithotomy HoldersSURGICAL TABLE ACCESSORIESAdjustable neck for easier lithotomy positioningLithotomy Holders with Strap Stainless steel mounting post forCompatible with any trouble-free performance. Improved pressure-grip design preventslithotomy holdersticking and makes one-handedas low as with a hooktightening easer. Round post, compatible with a Clark Socket (sold separately, below). $ 11. per 437"W x 33"H x58 "-diam. post50-lb. capacitystrap#927508HOLDER, SINGLE$365.75 ea #92750802HOLDER, PAIR$686.25 pr InFOudes 6trap\x1e #937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS 5epOaFement 6traps SLIDE-ON$241.25 ea avaiOaEOe at riJKt #934725FREEDOM CLARK SOCKET$300.50 ea California residents, see left page.LITHOTOMY HOLDERSPressure-grip designone-handed tightening For shear protection, #95-074REPL. STRAP$19.50 eaShown withadd#95-0741010/cs$114.25 csFREEDOM*el 3ads\x04California residents, see left page.&OarN 6oFNet (below) Call! VOLUME PRICINGGel Stirrup Pad SetsTrusted for nearly 50 yearsEconomical protection AliGelAliBlue GelE[tra-Zide OeJ FOearanFe p. 27 p. 39FAX800.437.2966n Adjusts and locks $Oi*eOTwister has extra- 3oOe 3ad $Oi*eOwide leg clearance. Stainless steel. StrongAliMed.com 800.225.2610rotation lock prevents slippage and permits$Oi%Oue vertical adjustment from 28" to 41"H. Includes twon Added gel protection for ankle and footfoot straps. Foam Pole Pads and comfortable+eeO &ups Ankle Stirrup Pad Sets protect ankles quick-release Heel Cups are available. Round post,n Peroneal nerve protection from nerve damage and shear. Allows full compatible with a Clark Socket (two required,view of feet and includes straps and hooks. sold separately below). Pole Sleeves protect the peroneal nerveAdjustable to ensure proper \x1ft. Sold in pairs.from pressure and shear. Ideal for patients AliGel: S, 1 78 "W x 12"L x38 " thickL, 1 78 "W x 17 38 "L x#930739TWISTER$922.88 pr in lithotomy, or for Urology or Gynecology38 " thickAliBlue: 1 34 "W x 12"L x38 " thick0.9 lbs. #930741POLE PADS$131.50 pr procedures. Sold in pairs.#930742 HEEL CUPS$167.00 pr #931334 ALIGEL, S$116.50 pr#930182REPL. STRAPS, 10 pr/pk$298.50 pk 28"L x 2" diam.2 lbs.#938138 ALIGEL, L$139.50 pr#937130CLARK SOCKET PLUS SLIDE-ON$241.25 ea #95-839ALIGEL$219.00 pr #960886 ALIBLUE$93.20 prAdditional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page.LITHOTOMY ACCESSORIES AND STIRRUPSPP. 92, 93 91'