b'Transducer/Probe CoversULTRASOUNDExtended LengthH. Flat-Folded CIV-Flex Probe Covers I. Telescopically Folded, 36"L Extended- J. Accordian-Folded Surgi Intraoperative Sterile. Include sterile Aquasonic 100 gel packetLength CIV-Flex Probe Covers offer Transducer Covers are easy to apply and and colored elastic bands. Not made with naturaladdit ional sterile protection when performingprovide up to 8\' of sterile protection. Includes soft rubber latex.puncture and drainage procedures.#8385LYoffersCIV-Flex cover that is acoustically transparentthree-dimensional box end. Both modelsfor distortion-free imaging, and colored elastic include sterile Aquasonic 100 gel packet andbands. Tapered. Not made with natural rubber colored elastic bands. Not made with naturallatex.#920873also includes sterile Aquasonic 100 rubber latex.gel packet.TRANSDUCER/PROBE COVERSK. Telescopically Folded Surgi-BootL. Bi-Directional Probe Covers include a 3"M. Semi-Rolled Probe Covers are non-Intraoperative Transducer Covers are easydebris shield. Rolled, non-lubricated, and taperedlubricated, tapered, and have a rounded end. to apply and provide up to 8\' of sterile protection.with a rounded end. Sterile version is individuallyNonsterile. Not made with natural rubber latex. Attached form-\x1ftting NeoGuard tip provides apackaged with one elastic. Not made with natural snug \x1ft to smaller footprint transducers. Includesrubber latex. sterile Aquasonic 100 gel packet, probe clips, and colored elastic bands. Not made with natural rubber latex.INDIVIDUALLY W x LLATEXSTERILEPOUCHEDQTYITEM #PRICE H.FLAT-FOLDED CIV-FLEX PROBE COVER31 2 " x 24"No*YesYes24/cs#920322$236.64 cs ($9.86 ea)51 2 " x 24"No*YesYes24/cs#921191$226.34 cs ($9.43 ea) I.TELESCOPICALLY FOLDED, 36"L EXTENDED-LENGTH CIV-FLEX PROBE COVER31 2 " x 36"No*YesYes24/cs#8385JC$276.81 cs ($11.53 ea)1 N. Rolled Latex Probe Covers are non-5 2 " x 36"No*YesYes24/cs#8385LY$294.67 cs ($12.28 ea) lubricated with a rounded end. Sterile version FAX800.437.2966 J.ACCORDIAN-FOLDED SURGI INTRAOPERATIVE TRANSDUCER COVER includes one elastic.6" x 96" No*YesYes12/cs#920872$184.37 cs ($15.36 ea) tapers 6"-3" Keep extra probe elastics on hand6" x 96"No*YesYes12/cs#920873$209.86 cs ($17.49 ea) tapers 6"-3" K.TELESCOPICALLY FOLDED SURGI-BOOT INTRAOPERATIVE TRANSDUCER COVER ElasticsAliMed.com 800.225.2610hold probe 6" x 96"No*YesYes12/cs#921832$254.15 cs ($21.18 ea) coversL.BI-DIRECTIONAL PROBE COVERS securely in 1" x 8"No*YesYes20/cs#921338$86.75 cs ($4.34 ea) place. 1" x 8" No*NoNo40/cs#921337$119.50 cs ($2.99 ea) Available inM.SEMI-ROLLED PROBE COVER two sizes 1" x 9"No*NoNo100/cs#921336$124.37 cs ($1.24 ea) and colors.N.ROLLED LATEX PROBE COVER Clear is not made with natural rubber latex; Neon Green is made of Kraton.11 4 " x 8"YesYesYes50/cs#921335$126.50 cs ($2.53 ea) 38 " I.D., CLEAR11 4 " x 8"YesNoYes100/cs#921334$65.25 cs ($0.65 ea)11 4 " x 8"YesNoNo600/cs#921333$166.40 cs ($0.28 ea) #935310100/bg$39.00 bg*Not made with natural rubber latex.#93531006100/bg, 6 bg/kit$147.03 kitCalifornia residents, see left page. 58 " I.D., NEON GREEN#935311100/bg$35.00 bg#93531106100/bg, 6 bg/kit$143.17 kitCalifornia residents, see left page.209'