b'Aneroid Sphygmomanometersn Multiple size options, carry caseDIAGNOSTICSDiagnostix 700Maxi\x1eo deluxe air release valve with built-in \x1flter and extra-large knurled air-release knob for precise de\x1eation control. Double \x1flters eliminate dust particles. Measures from 20 mmHg to 300 mmHgCertified accurate to3 mmHgTwo-tube latex bladder Chrome-plated aneroid no-pin-stop gaugeWhite 6"-diam.numerals on blue faceplateCuff not made with natural luminescentrubber latexFeatures: size, index, range markings, dial is visible inartery indicator label, gauge holderIncludes zippered any light carry caseLifetime calibration warrantyBlackITEM #SIZEDIMENSIONSCIRC. RANGEPRICE#95-619CHILD 4 18 "W x 13 12 "L18.4-26.7 cm $83.50 ea#95-600ADULT 5 34 "W x 21 14 "L25.4-40.6 cm$66.00 eaWall Mount #95-186ADULT, L6 78 "W x 24 78 "L24.9-50.8 cm$82.25 eaSPHYGMOMANOMETERSMobile #924978THIGH 8 14 "W x 32 12 "L40.6-65.5 cm$91.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.n High visibility, luminescent dialMobile or Wall-Mount Aneroids with large,6"-diameter, highly visible luminescent dial.Features: 300 mmHg no-pin-stop manometer, blacknylon cuff w/latex bulb and valve, 8\'L coiled latex tubing, five-star base w/nylon casters, and coated wire basketManometer is angled 15Mobile: Adjusts 36"-42"HWall Mount: Includes 110 swivel bracket and cuffn Bariatric size Navy storage areaLifetime calibration warranty Bariatric Diagnostix720Extendedshown#930383$329.75 eaMOBILEscaleplate graduation marks reduce parallax for #95-615WALL MOUNT$112.27 eaeasier viewing from any angle. Included nylonREPLACEMENT PARTS Bariatric Adcuff with curved design providesnIncludes 5 cuff sizes#932373CHILD CUFF AND BLADDER SET$30.75 set better \x1ft on conically shaped bariatric arms,System 5 Multicuff Blood Pressure #932374ADULT CUFF AND BLADDER SET$34.25 set allowing measurement on upper arm withSystems include infant, child, adult, large adult, #932375THIGH CUFF AND BLADDER SET$54.25 set circumference of 17 14 " to 26" (44-66 cm).and thigh Adcuff nylon cuffs complete with Size #932376*WIRE BASKET $16.50 ea Oversized leatherette carrying case. Meets orGuide marking system with a 1-tube in\x1eation#932377COILED TUBING, 8\'L $23.00 ea exceeds ANSI/AAMI/ISO 81060-1. Not made withbladder. Not made with natural rubber latex. *For wall mount only.natural rubber latex.9"W x 10"L x 4"DNylon caseQuick-release connector California residents, see left page. 300 mmHg manometerAccuracy to3 mmHg2.5 lbs.2-year warranty2-tube inflation bladderLifetime warranty on gauge,#98SPH9-2NAVY$231.00 ea3-year warranty on inflation systemBurgundy cuff #98SPH9-4ORANGE$206.04 eaFAX800.437.2966#939276BARIATRIC DIAGNOSTIX$53.48 ea California residents, see left page.#939277BARIATRIC ADCUFF ONLY$49.24 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610Adult model Wall Mount shownnBuilt-in cuffstorage basket n Includes travel caseTycos 767 Mobile Deluxe Hand-Held Sphygmomanometers or Wall Aneroids Mobile n One-\x1enger control feature a manometer, cuff size marking system, with one-piece cuff.Tycos D566 Hand Aneroids have triggerchrome-plated brass air release valve, and dip-Certified accuracy to3 mmHgRuby jeweled movement6 14 " laser-engraved, recessed dial face release for one-\x1fnger control of de\x1eation. Notmolded in\x1eation bladder and bulb for heavy use.Face swivels 40 side to sideBuilt-in cuff storagemade with natural rubber latex. Not made with natural rubber latex.basket and 8\'L coiled tubingDiaphragm maintainsCertified accuracy to3 mmHg1-piece cuff 300 mmHg, certified accurate to3 mmHgBlack calibrationLuer-lock connectionCuff is not made Luer-lock connectorIncludes travel case leatherette zippered carrying caseLifetime calibration with natural rubber latexLifetime warrantyMobile 10-year warrantyCuff range: Adult: 29-42 cm, warranty, 2-year system warranty model is height-adjustable with 360 swivelAdult Large: 34-52 cm. #933872ADULT$28.03 ea#98SPH1-21MOBILE$563.15 ea #98SPH1-15ADULT$260.59 ea #933874 ADULT, L $31.93 ea #98SPH1-20WALL MOUNT$320.07 ea #98SPH1-16ADULT, L$271.75 ea #933876CHILD$28.28 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 227'