b'Workstation Accessories Footrests Reduce RSI and free up desk spaceBESTERGONOMICSSELLER!Lightweight, nMultiple loZ profileheight adjustmentsAdjustable Footrests with Microbansupport your feet to help prevent back and leg1 Banana-Board Keyboard Trays let you adjust discomfort. Tilt adjusts 30. Height adjusts to 48 ", 4 78 ", or 5 58 ". Microban antimicrobial protection.the keyboard tray and mouse pad without levers or handles. Simply lift and adjust.17"W x 4 38 "H x 13 18 "D Tray: 19"W x 13"D22"L ball-bearing trackKeyboard #710581$84.25 ea platform adjusts from +10 to -15 tilt and swivels 360 California residents, see left page.Pull-out mouse surface allows both left- and right-WORKSTATION ACCESSORIEShanded mousingRemovable palm supportExceeds $OOoZs Oeft- orANSI/BIFMA standardsLeverlessBlackPrivacy Filters riJKt-Kanded mousinJ #74691$347.44 ea Additional shipping charges may apply. )ront vieZinJCalifornia residents, see left page.is FOear ZKiOe side vieZRaised monitors lessen muscle pain and strainis EOaFN for privaF\\ n Holds up to 3 monitorsMonitor Arms enable displays up to 21" to nAppears black whentilt 180, swing 180 side to side, and rotate6inJOe forviewed from the side 360. Appropriate for of\x1fce use, busy nursesmonitorsstations where multiple monitoring devices areup to \x15\x14\x05LCD Privacy Filters help ensure privacy ofneeded, and in treatment rooms. Spring-assisted onscreen data on a computer. Secure-View Black- height-adjustment option allows free-\x1eoating out Privacy Filter with Louvre Technology creates adisplays and offers 10 12 " of range on a 12"H pole. narrow viewing angle, making the image only visibleSingle and Dual models have double extension to those directly in front of the screen. Side viewarms, allowing 20" of back-and-forth movement. is black. Eliminates glare and increases contrast.Arm folds back to post for more desk space.Protects delicate screen surface from damage. C-clamp mounting hardware is includedStandard#71956FITS 17" LCD$104.50 ea 75-mm VESA-compliant mounting bracket comes with #71957FITS 19" LCD$120.75 ea 100-mm bracket adapter kit to mount most flat-panel #710596FITS 22" WIDESCREEN LCD$153.75 ea displays20-lb. capacity per arm #710597FITS 24" WIDESCREEN LCD$167.75 ea #71419SINGLE ARM$277.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #71420DUAL ARM$316.50 ea#71421TRIPLE ARM$355.00 ea \'uaOFAX800.437.2966Raise your desk California residents, see left page.Black or Clear 9u5\\ser \x14 9u5\\ser \x15 AliMed.com 800.225.2610Raise-Its are 4" per side andn Add up to 4" to monitor height 11"W x 11"DHigh-impact plastic80-lb. capacity 1" in height and interlock as you%efore$fterVuRyser Monitor Risers are stackable for VuRyser 1: 1"HVuRyser 2: 2"Hstack them underincremental height adjustment and additional#712428VURYSER 1, 4/bx$52.51 bxyour desk legs.storage space underneath. Choose 1"H or 2"H. #712429VURYSER 2, 2/bx$37.75 bxMade from durable plastic. Nonslip insertsCalifornia residents, see left page.wont slip on hard surfaces, allowing you to safely adjust furniture to optimal height. 8/pk.600-lb./leg capacity More Workstation Ergonomic products online!#71016$28.75 pkSpecify Black or Clear.AliMed.com/office-ergonomics 369California residents, see left page.'