b'ImmobilizersHook-and-loop strap goes under patient or padto allow for secure adjustment to patient Heavy-duty immobilizationSTRAPSExtra-wide for best security and reducing patient motion during procedures10"WIMMOBILIZERS Secondary strap n Up to 14"W for maximum immobilization 14"Wsecures under tableRadiolucent Abdominal Immobilizers with buckle Heavy-duty, extra-wide grey canvas with multiple hook-and-loop closures for a secure hold. Helps reduce movementA. For tables without side railsn Dual straps for maximum stability during imaging, offering clearer imagesOne closureCath LabMain strap and reducing the need for repeat exams. One-Closure Immobilizers Strap wraps around table without side rails. Use Three-deliver stability duringClosure Strap for tables with side rails. conscious sedation.Grey with 2"W Yellow/Black hook-and-loop closuresMR-safe Soft hook-and-loop,No side railsone-piece circum- Table A.ONE-CLOSURE STRAPferential strap is#9-93810"W x 75"L$112.50 eacomfortable againstSecondary strap #9-95514"W x 75"L$249.99 ea B. For tables with side railsskin. Adjustable,Three closuresradiolucent secondary nylon strap is attached to#92557214"W x 87"L$249.99 eabottom of main strap to slide over Cath Lab table. #92557314"W x 120"L$249.99 eaB.THREE-CLOSURE STRAP6"W x 75"LRoyal Blue with Black hook-and-loop#92025914"W x 72"L (36" EACH SIDE)$249.99 eapanelsMR-safe #92557414"W x 96"L (48" EACH SIDE)$249.99 ea Side rails#931898$140.50 ea #92557514"W x 120"L (60" EACH SIDE)$249.99 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.AliStrap Maxx Volume pricing and made to order sizes availableCALL!FAX800.437.2966Stabilize even your largest patients withn Narrow straps providethe extra-wide 10" AliStrap Maxx! easy access to patientsDetails, p. 2 Universal Body Straps \x1ft around any imaging or surgical table. Soft, washable AliMed.com 800.225.2610cotton-duck canvas material is stitched withhook-and-loop closure for extra-long durability.One-Closure Strap wraps around tables withoutside rails. Two-Closure Strap is for tables with side rails. Radiolucent. Grey with 2"W Black hook-and-loop closuresMR-safeA. For tables without side rails B. For tables with side railsCUT TO ANY One closure Two closuresLENGTHNo side rails Side rails A.ONE-CLOSURE STRAPB.TWO-CLOSURE STRAP#9-934 5"W x 60"L$97.50 ea #9-931 5"W x 65"L$97.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. 15'