b'Position-Speci\x1fcSets, ppBody Positioners . 30, 31POSITIONERSL, 20"LBESTM, 16"L SELLER!S, 12"L6"WPRO 4"WContoured Chest RollsConform )Oat Eottom KeOps3"Wto adult rib cage in prone position. Flatkeep rolls in place 2"Wbottom provides stability and keeps positionerSUP LAT PRO LITin place.ALIGEL6 14 "W x 5"HS: 12"L12 lbs.M: 16"L15 lbs. Chest RollsIdeal for a variety of positions and procedures. Place under torso to allow for chestL: 20"L18 lbs. expansion or under feet to protect from possible nerve damage in prone. Also used in supine under #925827S$299.50 ea knees and lateral on each side of patient to keep them in position. Flat bottom provides stability and #925828M$333.75 ea keeps positioner in place .#925829L$416.00 ea2"W x 2"H4"W x 3"HCalifornia residents, see left page.#9217996"L, 0.9 lb$45.00 ea #91-38712"L, 6.5 lbs $106.50 ea#9258208"L, 1 lb$62.50 ea #91-38816"L, 8.8 lbs$139.00 ea#92582110"L, 2 lbs$69.25 ea #91-38920"L, 10 lbs$174.75 ea#92582212"L, 2 lbs$73.50 ea6"W x 5"HMore AliGel 3"W x 3"H #91-39012"L, 13 lbs$241.25 ea#9258236"L, 2 lbs$63.50 ea #91-39116"L, 16 lbs$323.50 eaPositioners online! #9258248"L, 2 lbs$78.25 ea #91-39220"L, 20 lbs$409.50 ea#92582510"L, 3 lbs$88.25 ea California residents, see left page.AliMed.com/positioners #92582612"L, 4 lbs$99.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.8"W18"W4 12 "W \x16 OenJtKs FAX800.437.296628"L available18"LPRO SUP PRO SUP LAT PRO LIT FOW TRE REVChest PositionersAlleviate pressure onChest Roll and Axillary Roll Covers Universal PositionersVersatile and thoracic region and allow for easier breathing.For enhanced gel protection, wrap chestmultipurpose design, recommended forAliMed.com 800.225.2610Conform to patients shoulder-to-hip area.rolls and axillary rolls with these AliGel covers.positioning patients in a variety of procedures. 8"W x 28"L x 3"H18 lbs. Fasten with hook-and-loop closures. Also use asControl femoral blood \x1eow when used as a a stand-alone chest or axillary roll positionerweight on thighs in supine. Use under feet to #925830LEFT$498.25 ea when folded onto itself. prevent nerve damage. Supports neck and tilted-#925831RIGHT$498.25 ea Chest Roll Cover: 18"W x 18"L x12 "H7 lbs.Axillaryback head when intubating. Also provides lower California residents, see left page. Roll Cover: 17"W x 12"L x12 "H5 lbs. back support when in supine.#925832 CHEST ROLL COVER$221.00 ea 4 12 "W x 2"H at centerTapered edgesS: 10"L2.6 lbs.#925833 AXILLARY ROLL COVER$125.75 eaL: 14"L3.85 lbs.XL: 18"L9 lbs.California residents, see left page. #95-945S$77.00 ea#95-946L$88.00 ea#925834XL$96.50 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.Position Guide: SUP Supine LAT Lateral PRO Prone LIT Lithotomy FOW Fowlers TRE Trendelenburg REV Reverse TrendelenburgMORE ALIGEL POSITIONERSPP. 26-31 25'