b'Table of ContentsnStraps nInterventional Radiology nMedical Carts (continued)AliStrap 2 Angiography Accessories .162 Cart Accessories .280Surgical 4 Toboggans and Liners 163 Medication 286Armboard 10 Armboards and Straps .164 Treatment287Imaging and Immobilization 14 Covers and Drapes .166 Computer 288Specialty .18 nImaging Accessories nClinical FurnishingsCord Management and Strap Accessories .20 Pediatric Positioning .168 Warming Cabinets 290nPositioners Visualization 169 Narcotics Cabinets 292Materials Overview 22 Skin and X-Ray Markers 170 Carts and Tables 294Gel .24 Cassette Accessories .174 Step Stools 298A-Line .43 Grids and Adapters .176 Stools and Chairs 300Foam .44 Measurement .178 Exam Room Furniture 303Bean Bags 61 Illuminators 179 Phlebotomy 305Sandbags .62 Mammography 180 IV Poles 306Trendelenburg 64 Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Therapy .182 Solution and Mayo Stands311Pediatric .66 CT Accessories .183 nStorage and OrganizationnSupport Surfaces nMRI Bins .314Surgical 68 Safety Standards .184 Storage Systems 318Imaging 72 Support Surfaces 185 Wire Shelving 320Stretcher 74 Transport/Transfer.186 Cart Covers .328nSurgical Table Accessories Patient Comfort and Positioning .189 Utility Carts 330Procedures and Diagnostics .194 Hampers and Laundry Carts .336Sockets and Clamps .78 Airway Management/Oxygen Accessories 196Armboards and Pads 82 nLightingSurgical Accessory Storage 90 Clinical Furniture .198 Exam/Task 340Leg and Knee Positioning.91 Custodial and Cleaning .202 Magnifying .343Preppers 98 Safety and Signage 204 Surgical 344Specialty Surgical Positions 100 nUltrasound nOrthopedic Bracing and CastingTable Extenders and Toboggans 102 Gels, Warmers, and Cleaners .206 Casting .346Hand and Shoulder Surgery 104 Transducer/Probe Covers .208 Fracture Bracing 348Hand Tables .105 Tables and Positioners 210 Hand and Wrist .350nOperating Room Safety nSafe Patient Handling Spinal Supports .352Sharps Retrieval and Instrument Safety .108 Shifters and Transfer Devices 212 Shoulder and Elbow 353Skin Marking .110 Patient Lifts and Slings .217 Foot, Ankle, and Knee .354Cord Management 112 Stretchers and Accessories 219 Cold Therapy and Compression 356Safety Products113 Wheelchairs .220 nWound Care .358Anti-Slip and Anti-Fatigue. .114Stools115 Recliners .221 nBed Positioning and Safety .362nDiagnosticsnInfection Control Dopplers 222 nErgonomicsFAX800.437.2966Staff/Patient Isolation Organization 116 Sensory Evaluation and Measurement 224 Anti-Fatigue Matting .366 PPE 121 BP Monitoring and Stethoscopes 226 Workstation Accessories 369Disinfectants 121 Vitals, Temperature, and Oximetry228 Mousing Devices 370Glove Dispensers 122 ENT230 Keyboards .371Protective Covers124 Scales 232 Lumbar Supports 372Isolation Carts.126Edge Protection 373 AliMed.com 800.225.2610nAnesthesia nSurgical InstrumentsInstruments 238 nEmergency PreparednessScreens .128 Sterilization Trays .248 Hygiene .374 Positioning129Instrument Care 251 Cots and Bedding .375Intubation and Airway 130 Communication Tools/Exam Room Needs 376nRadiation Protection nMedical Carts nIndexAprons and Accessories 134 Overview .252Apron Storage 150 Emergency .254 Custom Products 378Protective Eyewear 152 Anesthesia 264 Product Index 380Gloves and Sleeves 156 Procedure 272 Bariatric Product Guide .384Barriers .158 Isolation .276 Pediatric Product Guide 402Patient Protection .160 Specialty 279 Shipping and Policies 414HCPCS Code Disclaimer: Some item listings contain HCPCS codes. These are suggested codes only. The reimbursement information provided by AliMed Inc. and its representatives is intended to provide general information relevant to coding. Insurers reimbursement policies can vary, however, and the use of the codes discussed here does not guarantee that an insurer will cover or pay at any particular level.SAME-DAY SHIPPING: Place your order before 3 p.m. ESTif in stock, it ships the same day!426'