b'RADIATION PROTECTION Radiation Protection Aprons\x16\x03 Wide variety of\x16.5 mm Pb-equivalent\x16\x03\x030 Attached thyroid styles and colors protection on allshields availableweight optionsTwo convenient apron-buying optionsPerfect Fit ApronsGrab n GoAprons4 CRADIATION PROTECTION APRONS 40000CCOOLLOORRSS//PPRRIINNTTSS COOLLOORRCCOODDEEDDSSIIZZEESSA tailored-\x1ft optionIn-stock, standard sizes at no extra cost! ship the same dayFind the perfect \x1ft for your personality andFor same-day shipping, choose from ourbody shape with Perfect Fit Aprons,Grab n Go in-stock apronsseven styles available in 14 styles. Select from over 400+in color-coded sizes from S to XL make it popular patterns in S to 3XL*, or tailored toeasy to \x1fnd the size you need fast. Orders \x1ft each clinician at no additional cost, withplaced by 12 p.m. EST, if in stock, ship the monogramming to suit. Ships within 15same day.business days.*Certain styles are not available in XXL or 3XL.pp. 136-139 pp. 140, 141SMARTIDReadyDigital Radiation Protection Tracking SystemVisit AliMed.com/smartidChoose the apron that \x1fts your needsSelect a bene\x1ft listed below, then explore your options in more detail on pp. 136-141.*FAX800.437.2966"I need a front protection apron"I need to remove my apron "I circulate and/or may have my with no drop-away feature." during surgery without back to the radiation source."breaking the sterile \x1eeld."800.225.2610 AliMed.comChoose a Front Protection Apron Choose a Quick Drop Apron Choose a Front and Back Protection ApronWeight Reliever Aprons, pp. 138, 140Quick Drop Aprons, pp. 139, 140Vest/Kilt Aprons, pp. 137, 141 Weight is evenly distributed by fully adjustableEasy-release fasteners allow apron to drop awayTwo-piece apron splits weight between shoulders hook-and-loop straps that cross in back. Availableduring surgery without breaking the sterile \x1feld.and hips. Four Vest styles available. Kilts available in Standard and Flex models. Available in Basic style with two-point release atwith or without suspenders.Back Aid Aprons, pp. 139, 140the waist for fastest removal and Adjustable styleCoat Aprons, pp. 136, 141 Adjustable 6"W Back-Saver Belt adds lower lumbarwith closures at shoulders and waist, offeringIntegrated 6"W Back-Saver Belt adds lower lumbar support to help relieve back strain and fatigue. a closer \x1ft and better weight distribution. Onlysupport to help relieve back strain and fatigue.Tie Aprons, pp. 138, 141available with Front Protection. Reverse Wraparound Aprons, p. 136Our most economical apron. Soft 1"WElasticized back offers a snug \x1ft that hugs the body crisscrossing ties for functional simplicity andand shifts weight off the shoulders and to the waist.adjustability.134 *Certain styles not available for Grab n Go Aprons.'