b'Knee BolstersAlleviate pressure on the backKnee Bolsters offer support under the knees and legs to alleviate pressure on the back during supine positioning. Often used inBESTMRIMRI, CT, for patient comfort in upper-bodySELLER!imaging, surgery, and L-S spine exams, thesepositioners are shaped to \x1ft under the kneesat just the right angle. Available in multiple sizesand with 3 surface options (see below for details) to \x1ft your departments needs. How to measure:HWDKNEE BOLSTERSCover/Coating OptionsUpholstered Durable, antibacterial, andProtecta-Coat wipeable with water-resistant seams strategicallySeamless, \x1euid-proof, and placed on the edges.antimicrobial vinyl coating helps reduce artifacts and Blue Vinyl control odor-causing bacteria is recommended for use for the life of the product. in imaging due to itsRadiolucent at 60 kVp or radiolucent properties. Blue Vinyl above. Durable and easy toAntimicrobial,clean. Recommended for O.R., MRI, and X-ray.3roteFta-&oat\x1duid-proof, and seamless Black ConductiveProtecta-Coat PositionersVinyl is recommendedAvailable in any shape or size.for use in the O.R. Black Conductive Vinyl pp. 50-52Style OptionsStandard BEST SELLER! Tall DeluxeFAX800.437.2966Shown in Blue Vinyl Shown in Protecta-CoatShown in Black Conductive Vinyl\x15\x14\x05: [ \x1a 1\x17 \x05+ [ \x14\x15 12 "D\x15\x14\x05: [ \x14\x13\x05+ [ \x14\x15 12 "D\x14\x19\x05: [ \x1a 12 \x05+ [ \x15\x17\x05\'Best for average-height patients. Upholstered3" of additional height offers more support forElongated shape offers \x1frm support from theAliMed.com 800.225.2610styles have handles on both sides for quicktaller patients or where an increased angle isupper thigh to mid-calf during longer procedures. positioning and removal.needed. Angle of positioner allows the curve ofSame graduated angle on both sides of peak. #91-141BLUE VINYL$166.00 ea the back to \x1eatten more effectively. Upholstered#9-235BLACK CONDUCTIVE$211.25 ea#930914BLACK CONDUCTIVE$164.75 ea models have handles on both sides for quick#937339PROTECTA-COAT$356.00 ea#937334PROTECTA-COAT$242.00 ea positioning and removal. #937333*PROTECTA-COAT WIDE$404.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. #930775BLUE VINYL$184.00 ea *Wide model: 20"W x 7"H x 24"D. #930915BLACK CONDUCTIVE$184.00 ea California residents, see left page.#937335PROTECTA-COAT$262.25 eaCalifornia residents, see left page. Made to order PRODUCTS JUST FOR YOUSimple ordering and fast turnaround at AliMed.com/made-to-order193'