b'Armboard Straps INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGYDisposable Straps as low as$ 1.93ea !nMinimal stretchSoft-Touch Armboard StrapsThese ultra-smooth woven straps are soft, offering Extra wide to reduce pressure maximum comfort and fragile skin protection in an economical, single-n\x03Wipeable and reusable use strap. Minimal stretch ensures a \x1frm hold while providing some conformity.Reusable Armboard StrapsBroad4"WChoose 30"L or 36"LCleans with disinfectant3"W or 1"W x 32"LWoven fabricHook-and-loop IMAGING ARMBOARD STRAPS surface area reduces pressure on arm. Black#93190230"L$59.25 pr closureNot made with natural rubber latexWhiteconductive vinyl with hook-and-loop closure.#93754636"L$73.75 prReusable. Not made with natural rubber latex. Strong hold, hook-sensitiveSold in pairs. California residents, see below.Ultra-smooth nylon onSave valuable prep time both sideswith precut disposable straps3"W#93816212/cs$29.75 cs ($2.48 ea)#9381620448/cs$108.50 cs ($2.26 ea)#93816212144/cs$295.93 cs ($2.06 ea)AliStrapAliStrap Soft 1"WPrecut Precut #93816412/cs$24.75 cs ($2.06 ea)#9381640448/cs$92.44 cs ($1.93 ea)#93816412144/cs$295.93 cs ($2.06 ea)California residents, see below.n Stretch resistantUse to gently andSoft-Secure quickly position armsArmboard on armboards StrapsThese padded straps feature a stretch-resistant core, offering a FAX800.437.2966 nNo cutting, no measuring, no hassles secure hold. Soft, hook-AliStrap Precut Positioning StrapsOur best-selling AliStrap and fully padded AliStrap Softsensitive outer surface for fragile skin are now available in convenient precut lengths, saving valuable prep time searching forlaminated to a padded scissors or measuring tape while minimizing disruption to your sterile environment. Self-adhering, back-to- foam interior is gentle against skin.back hook-and-loop closure allows you to quickly and easily secure arms to armboards, IV lines and tubes orIn\x1fnite hook-and-loop attachment.hot/cold therapy devices to extremities, or even organize equipment cords. Individually wrapped for greater3"W or 1"W x 32"LHook-sensitive outer/foam-infection control and ready to use right out of the box. Sold in boxes of 12 or cases of 120. padded innerHook-and-loop closureNot made800.225.2610AliMed.com RadiolucentMetal-freeMR-safe with natural rubber latexWhite/BlueMedium hold, hook-sensitive fabric outsideITEM #PRICEITEM #PRICE ALISTRAP PRECUT12/BX120/CS Stretch 11 2 "W x 30"L #926725$66.25 bx ($5.52 ea)#939163$628.25 cs ($5.24 ea) resistant 11 2 "W x 38"L #939182$88.25 bx($7.35 ea)#939183$837.25 cs ($6.98 ea) core3"W x 30"L#926726$121.75 bx ( $10.15 ea)#939164$785.00 cs ($6.54 ea) Foam padding inside ALISTRAP SOFT PRECUT12/BX120/CS11 2 "W x 30"L#926727$67.25 bx ($5.60 ea)#939165$639.25 cs ($5.33 ea)3"W11 2 "W x 38"L#939184$98.25 bx ($8.19 ea)#939185$889.50 cs ($7.41 ea) #93815812/cs$29.00 cs ($2.42 ea)2"W x 30"L#926728$80.50 bx ($6.71 ea)#939166$765.00 cs ($6.38 ea) #9381580448/cs$109.75 cs ($2.29 ea)2"W x 38"L#939206$112.75 bx ($9.40 ea)#939207$1,000.00 cs ($8.33 ea) #93815812144/cs$220.16 cs ($1.53 ea)California residents, see below.1"W#93816012/cs$24.00 cs ($2.00 ea) More Armboard Strapsp. 10 #9381600448/cs$88.00 cs ($1.83 ea)#93816012144/cs$227.25 cs ($1.58 ea)California Proposition 65 StatementWARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the StateCalifornia residents, see at left.164 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'