b'Asaferway totransfer patientsMinimize the risk of back injuries!Watch the video!NEW!The PPS Glide Single Patient Use Air-Assisted Lateral Transfer Systemu Fewer injuriesinnovative air-assisted technologydrastically reduces pull forceLess stafftransfer even your largest patients withuonly two caregiversu Economical for multi-transfer use during a single patient stayuDisposable for reduced cross-contaminationMore details p. 218COMING SOON!The PPS LiftSafely lift patients who have fallenu Utilizes a single in\x1eation point to safely lift patients from \x1eoor to bed heightu Maximizes patient comfort and dignity, minimizes patient and staff injuries uUse with the PPS Glide for a complete patient lift and transfer systemVisit AliMed.com/air-assisted for details'