b'Column ScalesDIAGNOSTICS nMeasuring rodnUltrasonic sensorsnEye-level LCD readoutincluded measure height solo Digital Eye-Level seca 703 Columnseca 286 UltrasonicPhysician Scales are Scales with high load- Measuring Stations economical and high quality bearing capacity up tow/Voice Guidancewith an inline mechanical 660 lbs. Slip-resistant,Three pairs of ultrasonicheight rod. Features eye-level cast-iron base and anti-tipsensors record patientsweight display and column, column design. seca 220height in milliseconds.1"H LCD readouts, and BMI Measuring Rod included.Specially designed digitalcalculation. EMR/EHR-ready. EMR-validatedwirelesslyevaluation algorithmIncludes integral wheels for transmits data directly toensures incomparably high- mobility, one RS232 serial your EMR system, PC, ormeasurement precision.port, and convenient audible Vital Signs Monitor (p. 228).Nonslip tread made of easy- beep con\x1frmation. Solo Overall: 14"W x 36"H x 20"D to-clean safety glass. EMR- indicator features eight simplePlatform: 13"W x 3"H x 13"D validatedupon request, voicebuttons easily identi\x1fable in SCALESAdjustable height rod: 2\'- guidance system enables dataany language. Stable column 6\'6"/60-200 cm in18 "/1-mmto be wirelessly transmitted tois white powder-coated incrementsFunctions: tare,your EMR system, PC, or Vitalaluminum alloy.pre-tare, mother/child function,Signs Monitor (p. 228).Overall: 14 14 "W x 52"H x 19"DPlatform: 14"W x 2 12 "H x auto switch-off, hold/auto- Overall: 17 116 "W x 89 38 "H x 18 516 "D15"DAdjustable height rod: 30"-84"/76-214 cmEMR/hold, BMI, auto-clear, lbs./kg switch-over, damping, Platform: 17"W x 2 38 "H x 14 38 "DMeasuring range:EHR-ready1"H LCD displayFunctions: on/off, print, send/print, transport casters6 AA batteriesIncludes2\'-6\'10"/61-210 cm in18 "/1-mm incrementsMeasuringenter, zero, up/down arrows, BMI height, lock/release, AC UL adapter660-lb./300-kg capacity in 0.1-lb./50-ghead: LED light, auto-calibrationFunctions: tare, pre- selectable auto shut-off up to 9 minutes6 AA batteries increments33.5 lbs.2-year warranty tare, mother/child function, hold/auto-hold, auto-BMI,included, optional AC adapter2 wheels550-lb./250-kg #933028DIGITAL COLUMN SCALE$626.00 ea BFR, patient data input, clear/auto-clear, auto-weighingcapacity in 0.2-lb./0.1-kg increments17.7 lbs.Made in #933031REPL. HEIGHT ROD$237.00 ea range switch-over, lbs./kg switch-over, backlighting,the USA2-year warrantyAdditional shipping charges may apply. calibration/auto-calibration, damping, send/print,#939273$516.03 eaCalifornia residents, see below. transport casters660-lb./300-kg capacity in 0.1-lb./50-gAdditional shipping charges may apply.increments36.5 lbs.2-year warranty California residents, see below.#960836$2,683.33 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply.California residents, see below.n I D-Display for improved patientsafetynDigital measuring rod seca Handrail Scalesseca 797 ColumnUSBnBuilt-in measuring rod w/ID-Display and Height Scales w/Eye-Levelscanner MeasurementUnique notseca 777 Digital Display and Wi-Fiincluded Column Scales ID-Display identi\x1fes patients FunctionEMR-w/Eye-Level Displayduring measurement for FAX800.437.2966 validatedbuilt-inTilt-proof full-metalincreased transparency and Wi-Fi interface directlyweighing platform andsecurity of data transmission. integrates with your EMRstable single-piece columnAnchored steel handrail for system, PC, or Vital Signsstability. Easy-clean, strong Monitor (p. 228). Tilt-proofwith eye-level displayBearclaw Glass platform with full-metal weighing platformand built-in measuring rod forilluminated LED footprints and built-in digital heightcomfort and security. Largeshow correct standing 800.225.2610AliMed.com measuring rod with extra-longrubber-coated casters and wideposition for accurate ultrasonic range. Two-line display shows weight and heightwheelbase. EMR-validated height measurement. Large simultaneously. Large rubber-coated casters andwirelessly transmits data viatouchscreen display. Robust wide wheelbase. USB directly to your EMRrubber wheels and foldable Overall: 16 116 "W x 53 38 "H x 22"DPlatform: 13 78 "Wsystem, PC, or Vital Signsfunction. EMR-validatedx 2 516 "H x 16"DMeasuring range: 4"-90"/10-230 cmMonitor (p. 228). USB Adapter ( #937048 , wirelessly transmits dataIlluminated LED in18 "/1-mm incrementsDigital measuring range:AliMed.com) required for connectivity. directly to your EMR system, footprints for correct 48"-90"/122230 cmFunctions: tare, hold/auto-hold,Overall: 16 116 "W x 53 38 "H x 22"DPlatform: 13 78 "W xPC, or Vital Signs Monitor (p. 228). standing positionauto-BMI, lbs./kg switch-over lock, inch/cm switch-over,2 516 "H x 16"DMeasuring range: 4"-90"/10-230 cm in5 3 11 51 Overall: 22 8 "W x 50 8 "H x 2516 "DPlatform: 23 8 "W damping, foldable head positioner, integrated measuring 8 "/1-mm incrementsFunctions: tare, hold, BMI, lbs./ x 2"H x 18 38 "DMeasuring range: 2\'-7\'2"/ 60-220 cm rod, transport casters, swappable left/right display, USBkg switch-over lock, foldable head positioner, integrated(3\'3"7\'2"/100-220 cm w/handrail) in18 "/1-mm increments port and holder for scannerPower adapter included, measuring rod, rubber transport casters, swappable left/Functions: user and patient name/ID display, tare, pre-6 AA batteries (not included)550-lb./250-kg capacity inright display, USB port6 AA batteries included, optionaltare, mother/child function, hold/auto-hold, auto-BMI, 0.2-lb./100-g increments28.9 lbs.2-year warranty power adapter550-lb./250-kg capacity in 0.2-lb./100-gclear/auto-clear, lbs./kg switch-over, inch/cm switch-over, #960835$888.33 ea increments28 lbs.2-year warranty damping, confirm, standby mode, backlighting, transport Additional shipping charges may apply. #960834$452.50 ea castersPower adapter800-lb./360-kg capacity in California residents, see below. Additional shipping charges may apply. 0.1-lb./50-g increments55.1 lbs.2-year warrantyCalifornia residents, see below. #960841$4,026.67 eaCalifornia Proposition 65 Statement Additional shipping charges may apply.WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the StateCalifornia residents, see below.232 of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov.'