b'Wire Utility CartsSTORAGE AND ORGANIZATIONHigh capacity with easy maneuverabilityWire Carts are easy to handle and maneuver through corridors and doorways. Chrome \x1fnish. Shelves adjust in 1" increments.Total height 38" (includes 5" for casters)Two chrome-plated, U-shaped handles and two or three shelvesSwivel stem rubber wheel castersWheels swivel for easy maneuverability800-lb. capacity 36"W x 24"D#9306382-SHELF, 50 lbs$189.60 eaWIRE UTILITY CARTS#9306413-SHELF, 63 lbs$231.49 ea 36"W x 18"D 48"W x 24"D#9306392-SHELF, 56 lbs$211.92 ea#9306423-SHELF, 72 lbs$254.15 ea 3-Shelf Cart,Additional shipping charges may apply.48"W x 24"DCalifornia residents, see left page.nWide range of size optionsAdjustable Wire Shelf Carts for storageand transport. Chrome-plated wire shelves adjust in 1" increments.3 shelves5" polyurethane swivel casters with donut bumpers800-lb. capacity n Solid Bottom 18"DW x HPRICE shelf option UP TO#92604436" x 40"$196.47 ea Utility CartsSturdy, #92604548" x 40"$222.22 ea all-purpose three-shelf #92604660" x 40"$241.79 ea carts are chrome-plated #92604772" x 40"$261.36 ea and have an adjustable 10" handle. Shelves adjust in 1"Solid 24"Dincrements. Solid MetalBottom#92604836" x 40"$222.22 ea Bottom shelf also available #92604948" x 40"$243.85 ea to meet healthcare codes. #92605060" x 40"$272.69 ea 42"H (w/casters)(4) 5" casters, (2) lockingWire shelf: #92605172" x 40"$303.59 ea 500-lb. capacity; solid bottom: 600-lb. capacity on shelf; Additional shipping charges may apply.1,000-lb. overall capacityCalifornia residents, see left page.FAX800.437.2966 w/WIRE BOTTOMW x DPRICE#93490536" x 18"$248.23 ea#93490748" x 18" $316.89 ea#93490936" x 24" $325.22 ea#93491148" x 24" $348.14 eaAntimicrobial w/SOLID BOTTOM AliMed.com 800.225.2610Shelf Mats #93490636" x 18" $350.88 eap. 325 #93490848" x 18" $415.87 ea Wire Bottom#93491036" x 24" $407.79 ea#93491248" x 24" $445.73 eaAdditional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.Modu Boxes Document Holders Snap-On Shelf Ledges Shelf DividersAttach anywhere along shelfSpeci\x1fcations p. 325Speci\x1fcations p. 325 Speci\x1fcations p. 325 Speci\x1fcations p. 325#93207411"W x 8"H x 24"D$35.10 ea #926101$17.25 ea #92610524"D$10.04 ea #9261098"H x 18"D$9.27 eaMore sizes available, p. 325.California residents, see left page. #92610636"D$12.10 ea California residents, see left page.California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page.335'