b'Anesthesia Tools Instant sniff positionANESTHESIAPopitzPillow Supine Sniff PositionersHistorically,as low ashospital personnel have used folded towels, blankets or, at best, foam or gel pillows to support or cradle the patients head during$ 16. ea28intubation or mask ventilation. PopitzPillow Supine Sniff Positioners provide better access to intubation, consistently place a patient into the perfect sniff position instantly, and keep airways open. Save time: Stop hunting around for pillows or blanket rolls and end time-consuming positioning of patients and failed intubation attempts. Simply place the patients head on the pillow to achieve a perfect sniff position.Maintain consistency: Allows the same quality of laryngeal alignment with every use. Provides better access for intubation, and maintains the correct position/angle of esophagus.Easier mask ventilation (great to keep on the code cart): During mask anesthesia (conscious sedation), the airway becomes obstructed due to theRemovable wedge torelaxation of the muscular structures of the oropharynx. This can require theRibbed foam holdsadjust heightANESTHESIA TOOLSpatients jaw to be held. The PopitzPillow Supine Sniff Positioner enableshead in sniff position the airway to remain open. In the event of respiratory failure, the respiratory therapist, utilizing the support pillow, can ventilate the patient without any dif\x1fculty until a skilled intubator arrives.Reduce injury risk: Automatic alignment of the oropharyngeal, laryngeal,Two sizes availableand tracheal axes reduces chance of trauma to adjacent tissues.Not made with natural rubber latex#932531STANDARD, 10/cs$162.75 cs 8 12 " 1#932532EXTRA LARGE, 10/cs$258.25 cs 5 2 "Additional shipping charges may apply.1 15" 18"California residents, see left page. Standard 9 2 " 6" Extra-Largen Strong, fully welded edges Anesthesia Carts allow for disinfection and Organizationuse with larger patientsSurgical Thyroid Pillowswhen it counts Designed for patients Built to meet your demandseveryundergoing surgical procedures which cart offers secure and convenientmay require hyperextension of the access to medications, controlledneck. Easily in\x1eatable positioning substances, and other supplies. pillow securely holds neck in place and can be adjusted to match FAX800.437.2966patients unique shape. New and improved fully welded edges allow for complete disinfection for better infection control and are strong enough to withstand a higher weight capacity for use with larger patients. Durable and reusable, reducing waste associated with disposable positioners. One size \x1fts most. AliMed.com 800.225.2610Fluid- and flame-resistantNot made with natural rubber latex#937119$265.00 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.nOptimizes head position during intubationProtecta-Coat Intubation Wedges properly position patients during intubation, optimizing head position to allow the anesthesiologist easier access to airway. Seamless, \x1euid-proof vinyl Shop our full line coating embedded with antimicrobial ionic silver14"of Anesthesia Cartscontrols odor-causing bacteria for the life of the pp. 264-271 product. 24"W x 27"L x 14"H7 lbs. #960732 $612.59 ea 24" 27"Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page.131'