b'Instrument SafetyOPERATING ROOM SAFETYNever drop another instrumentBESTSELLER!n 40-piece capacityDouble Magnet Needle Counters offer extra space for various sharps such as needles, blades, and pins. 40-piece capacity. 100/cs.Sterile n Reusable magnetic drapesINSTRUMENT SAFETY#931318$274.50 csCalifornia residents, see left page. Magnetic Instrument#932620MAGNETIC PAD$200.75 eaPads attract and hold surgical#9326213/cs$491.40 cs ($163.80 ea)instruments and supplies. Flexible,#93262212/cs$1,284.50 cs ($107.04 ea)with holding power. Reusable.Additional shipping charges may apply.Allows for hands-free transfers.California residents, see left page.11 12 "W x 14"L3 lbs. n Disposable magnetic drapesHands-Free Transfer DisposableDisposableMagnetic Drapes attract and hold surgical instruments and supplies on the sterile \x1feld. Flexible, disposable drapes conform to virtually n 20-piece capacity any shape or patient position. Nonslip foam SharpStop Needle BoxesA place to safelybacking for secure positioning on any surface. store needles. 20-piece capacity. Not made withOptional built-in nonmagnetic, nonmetallic natural rubber latex. 50/cs. neutral zone tray holds instruments sensitive to magnetization. Available with or without Stays Sterile to create safety trough. Stays create a #921946$293.55 cs All sizes are sterileLarge: 10"W x 16"L ; 30/cs safety trough #930244shownCalifornia residents, see left page.X-Large: 16"W x 20"L; 20/cs#930242LARGE DRAPE$344.01 cs ($11.47 ea)#930246LARGE DRAPE w/STAYS$365.65 cs ($12.19 ea)#930243X-LARGE DRAPE$375.75 cs ($18.79 ea)FAX800.437.2966#930244X-LARGE DRAPE w/STAYS AND NEUTRAL ZONE TRAY$434.00 cs ($21.70 ea)Protect andCalifornia residents, see left page.store delicate equipment AliMed.com 800.225.2610Mini Tray Syringe HoldernNonmagnetic and autoclavableSoffzone Safety TraysRe-sterilizable silicone trays save money and reduce biowaste. Highly visible red color provides an easily recognizable neutral zone. Reusable and autoclavable Shop our full line ofthroughout hundreds of procedures. Raised Instrument Sterilizationsilicone contours securely grip instruments whileTrayProducts, low-pro\x1fle design minimizes blind reaching pp. 248-250for sharps. Non-magnetic to reduce the risk of magnetizing instruments. Sized for use on mayoTray: 6"W x 9"LMini Tray/Syringe Holder: 3"W x 9"L stands, eliminating the need to place neutral zone#938118TRAY$351.23 cson patient. Mini Tray has a reduced footprint for#938119MINI TRAY$283.25 cssingle sharps. Syringe Holder has needle-capping#938120SYRINGE HOLDER$317.24 csguards. 6/cs. California residents, see left page.109'