b'Cleanable Keyboards Infection protection ERGONOMICSwhile you workWhether you work on a multi-user keyboard or use your own, \x1eu germs and infection-causing pathogens can grow and reproduce right under your \x1fngertips. In fact, studies show the average computer workstation has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seatall of which can \x1fnd their way to patients. AliMed carries a variety of Cleanable Keyboards that are easy to clean,86% FonneFtivit\\washable, waterproof, or have built-in,self-cleaning antimicrobial agents with microbe-inhibiting technology to provide ongoing infection protection while you work. n Conforms to natural hand positionCLEANABLE KEYBOARDSSmart Design Keyboards with Microban 19"W x 2 12 "H x 9 34 "DUSB connectivityCompatible 3-D design conforms to natural hand positions,with WindowsProgrammable software View our completereducing tension in shoulders, arms, and wrists.#72482$74.25 ealine of ErgonomicMicroban antimicrobial is built in to provide anCalifornia residents, see left page.Keyboards online! added level of protection. Wired.AliMed.com/keyboards6eaO *OoZ \x15 %OuetootK modeO6iOver 6torm0ouse sKoZn in 86% FKarJinJ Ease *oOd-pOated 86% FonneFtor to preventForrosion\x0f inFOudes6eaO 7ouFK 6eaO &ap 86% Fover6KoZn ZitK siOiFone FoverFAX800.437.2966nAntimicrobialn Encryption keeps sensitive data safe and waterproofSEAL SHIELD CleanWipe Waterproof Keyboards and SilverSEAL SHIELD Keyboards are treated with antimicrobial SEALAliMed.com 800.225.2610Storm Mouse are waterproof and cleanable with hospital-grade cleaners.SHIELD waterproof technology and Silver Seal-infused silicone for Rechargeable and treated with SEAL SHIELD antimicrobial technology. Includesprotection against infection. Easily cleanable with any hospital-grade AES 128 encryption to secure transmitted information. Keyboards includecleaner. Backlit keys are still visible in low light, reducing risk of keying silicone covers for added protection. Bluetooth model works with Bluetoothincorrect information. Gold-plated USB connection prevents corrosion. dongle receiver 3.0 (not included). Wireless Mouse features a two-buttonSeal Glow 2 features a numerical keypad. Seal Touch has a smaller control with scroll wheel. Includes battery charge indicator light.pro\x1fle with a built-in touchpad. Compatible with Mac and WindowsManufactured to IP-68 standards1-yearQuick Connect with 6" USB extension cablePlug-and-playCompatible with warrantyBoth Keyboards: 13"W x 1"H x 4 38 "D90 keysMouse: 2 14 "WMac and WindowsManufactured to IP-68 standardsSeal Glow 2: 15"W x "H x 4 58 "L x 1 38 "H x 5"D106 keysSeal Touch: 12"W x "H x 8"D87 keys#713796BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD$129.00 eaSEAL GLOW 2#713797WIRELESS KEYBOARD$120.00 ea #712192BLACK$138.79 ea#713798WIRELESS MOUSE$101.97 ea #712193WHITE$138.79 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.SEAL TOUCH#711919BLACK$178.19 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.371'