b'Safety ProductsOPERATING ROOM SAFETYnClearly identify medications for safety and complianceCorrect Medication Labeling System Designed to ensure patient safety and to comply with The Joint Commissions requirements for labeling medication. Includes everything you need to clearly mark and label medication on and off the sterile \x1feld. Kits contain a combination of \x1eags, markers, labels, cups, and Specimen Zone sheets. Sterile.Medication and SafetyKits contain: #935621 O.R.: (4) flags, (1) 4-in-1 Marker, (2) Labels online! sheets of 24 preprinted labels for the O.R., (2) Med Cups, ITEM #DEPARTMENTKITS/CSPRICE(1) Specimen Zone sheet (4 count)#935622 O.R.: (4) flags, (1) 4-in-1 Marker, (2) sheets of 24 preprinted labels#935621OPERATING ROOM50$267.54 csAliMed.com/for the O.R., (1) Specimen Zone sheet (4 count)#935612#935622OPERATING ROOM100$466.59 csSAFETY PRODUCTSSurgery Center: (2) flags, (1) 4-in-1 Marker, (1) sheet of 16 operating-room-safety preprinted labels for Surgery Centers, (1) Specimen Zone#935612SURGERY CENTER50$132.61 cssheet (4 count)#935617 Cath Lab: (4) flags, (1) 4-in-1#935617CATH LAB50$223.25 csMarker, (2) sheets of 16 preprinted labels for Cath LabsCalifornia residents, see left page.n Scalpel safety n Economical and absorbent n Sterile or nonsterile time outTIME OUT Hood Reusable hood can be placedS.T.O.P. Safety Flags prompt surgical teams toTIME OUT Beacon over any scalpel within the surgical \x1feld. 10/cs. perform time out veri\x1fcation. Before beginning aDisposable cotton beacon Nonsterileprocedure, the brightly colored \x1eag is placed overcan be placed over the intended incision site (after the patient has beeninstrument tray and/or FAX800.437.2966#935534$173.75 cs draped), on mayo stand, or over instruments. It isnear the surgical site.California residents, see left page. also used to absorb excess prep solution prior to16"W x 24"Lelectrosurgery. 40/cs.Sterile#935535STERILE, 96/cs$317.24 cs#935536NONSTERILE, 200/cs$290.20 cs#936949$85.23 cs Additional shipping charges may apply. California residents, see left page. California residents, see left page. AliMed.com 800.225.2610Laser eye protection combines safety and comfort)itover )rame ts over Laser Safety GlassesThermal effects fromprescription glasseslaser radiation are the major cause of injury to the retina, which can be severely damaged in less than a second. These laser glasses give you the comfortUltrasoft Frame has you want without sacri\x1fcing the safety you need.wraparound lenses and Available in two durable nylon frame stylescaseFurved\x0f fle[iEOe tempOes and lanyard included. Clear YAG/Holmium/CO 2lensthat hug the head\x1flter type. Safety Glasses Dispenser holds up#937927FITOVER FRAME$373.63 eato six pairs of safety glasses. Hinged lid protects#937997ULTRASOFT FRAME$307.71 ea Safety Glasses contents. Keyhole for wall mounting. #927235DISPENSER$84.00 ea Dispenser, glasses Dispenser: 9"W x 3 38 "H x 6 916 "DClear PETG plastic California residents, see left page. not included113'