b'IV StandsCLINICAL FURNISHINGSEasily identifyFour Hooks high-risk patientsColor-Coded Weighted IV Stands are available in six color options making them ideal for departmentalization. Features 1"-diameter stainlessBESTsteel pole with a no lose friction-lock knobSELLER!and 16"-diameter space-saving base with rubber bumpers to help protect walls. Choose Two orFour Hooks. Adjusts 52"-94"HStainless steel pole5 legs16"-diam., 21-lb. weighted base3" scuff-resistant casters #925517 2 HOOKS$401.44 ean Tru-Loc friction knob #925518 4 HOOKS$407.62 eaIV STANDSSpecify Charcoal, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, or Yellow. Low Center of Gravity IV PolesWeightedCalifornia residents, see left page.base for a low center of gravity, ideal forSpace-saving applications that require multiple pumps. Durable standard steel base with powder-coat \x1fnish.16"-diam. baseTru-Loc friction knob allows you to adjust to the height you need. Accommodates up to four infusion pumps. 4-Hook modelAdjusts 52"-90"HChrome pole6 legs3" roller blade castersSteel base with powder-coated finishLoadCharcoal Blue Greencapacity: 50 lbs.#9378754 HOOKS$294.75 ea#9378766 HOOKS$330.20 eaStainless Steel models with 4, 6, and Rake HooksPink Red Yellowavailable at AliMed.com. California residents, see left page.as low as$ 98. ea83A. B. C. D. E.Heavy Duty,Standard Duty,Standard Duty,Space Saver Oversized Base, Four-Leg,Four-Leg, Five-Leg, Base,Six-Leg, shown withshown withshown withFive-Leg, shown with FAX800.437.29664 Hooks 2 Hooks 2 Hooks shown with4 Hooks2 Hooks AliMed.com 800.225.2610nFull range of options ITEM #BASE DIAM./MATERIALLEGSHOOKSADJUSTSPRICESTYLE Healthcare IV PolesChoose from a range ofA.#92441422" EPOXY-COATED STEEL42513 4 "-931 2 "H$160.60 eastyles to meet your department needs. Styles A,#92441522" EPOXY-COATED STEEL44513 4 "-931 2 "H$174.15 eaD, and E have a twistlock adjuster. Styles B and CB. #92441622" EPOXY-COATED STEEL42511 4 "-913 4 "H$98.83 eafeature a twistlock height adjustment.C. #92441725" CAST ALUMINUM52521 4 "-923 4 "H$232.67 eaChrome-plated steel tubingCasters: 3" rubber (Styles#92441825" CAST ALUMINUM54521 4 "-923 4 "H$238.69 eaA, B, D, E); 3" nylon (Style C)Load capacity: 45 lbs. D. #92441916" EPOXY-COATED STEEL5254"-901 2 "H$315.86 ea#92442016" EPOXY-COATED STEEL5454"-901 2 "H$331.38 eaE. #92442126" EPOXY-COATED STEEL62521 2 "-1023 4 "H$308.26 eaUniversal Clamps attach to all IV#92442226" EPOXY-COATED STEEL64521 2 "-1023 4 "H$303.75 eapoles up to 1-" in diameter. Can beAdditional shipping charges may apply. used to mount other accessories. California residents, see left page.#924423$77.27 eaCalifornia residents, see left page.MORE IV STANDSPP. 308, 309 307'